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First introduced in the Dark Ages Companion. Their Gangrel origin is revealed in Libellus Sanguinis III. The founder is thought to be an ancient Methuselah named Fakir Al Sidi while others argue Laibon are simply another branch of the Cainite Kindred, died by the Dark Father or Kagn.

The Laibon are a little-known Bloodline of Vampires hailing from Africa. They do not subscribe to the Cainite myth, beliveing themselves to have an altogether different origin. They are very much in touch with their Primal sides, mastering Animalism, Fortitude and a nuique Discipline called Ambombwe which deals with tapping the spiritual power of the Beast in ways that exceed even Animalism. Virtually unknown in modern times (they keep an extremely low profile; most encounters with them appear to simply confuse those who’ve observed them into thinking that they are some strangely-powered Gangrel or other types), they were much-respected in the Dark Ages as shamans, philospers and storytellers.
Syntax of each entry:
[Sex] Name <generation> (birth:embrace+death) Progeny of … Sire of … (date). Brief description and comments. [References] (historical references).
Here is the list of 4 known Laibon.

Powerful blood
Fakir Al Sidi, Sire of Kamiri wa Itherero. Gangrel, founder of the bloodline, migrated southwest into Africa and Embraced his single childe Kamiri wa Itherero, after which he taught him the “magics of blood and earth”. Only 10 Laibon are known to exist. [WoD2]
Ancient blood
Kamiri wa Itherero <5> Progeny of Fakir Al Sidi. Disappeared a thousand years ago. The legend though, lives on. Traditionally, the Laibon living near Mombasa takes the name of Kamiri wa Itherero, in honour of the Founder’s son. [WoD2]
Ancillae blood
Kamiri wa Itherero <maybe> (:1582) The current Laibon called Kamiri… [WoD2]
Unknown generation
Jubal <?> An enigma to the Cainites of Cairo. Stood by Sultan Antonius’s side since the man first came to power. were it not for his loyalty to Antonius, he would likely have slipped back to his southern homeland many years ago. [VN]


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