“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”

This denotes your everyday, living environment I.e. Your house, cars, gardens, sofas, pictures etc. Without this Social Merit you are considered to be living normally in a standard flat, house or whatever that suits your Occupation and Character Concept. This Merit allows you to upgrade from what would be the norm to luxurious.

0 Under Class:
Working Class:
•• Lower Middle Class: White Collar Paper Pushers,
••• Middle Class: Vocational Professionals such as Teachers,
•••• Upper Middle Class: Respected Professionals such as Lawyers, Politicians, Judges
••••• Upper Class: Rich Socialites, Celebrities and Nobility.

You may at some stage decide you wish to sell your possessions to get some ready cash. This can be done by switching out DoTs in Luxury and put them in Resources.Doing this is permanent and can only be replaced by debuting e tea DoTs here in Luxury. Note: The opposite is also possible and you can switch out Resources DoTs into Luxury which signifies you spending your ready, available cash for a nicer conservatory, landscaped gardens or a nice new sofa and redecoration of the house.


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