Personal Attachment

MERIT: Personal Attachment (2 or 4 dots)

There’s someone that means everything in the world to you. Typical examples include a spouse, children, or siblings. In situations that involve protecting or helping these individuals, the merit pumps up the benefit of spending willpower on those rolls. Instead of adding 3 dice, it adds five, and for resisted rolls it subtracts 3 instead of 2. Every time you successfully help or protect them in the face of some difficulty or hardship, you can regain a point of willpower.

Example: Claudia, a recently embraced vampire, has a son in college. She’s done her best to conceal his existence from her vampire enemies, but at some point he’s kidnapped. Any action Claudia takes to rescue him- from the investigation to beating to death the culprit with a toaster, on which she spends a point of willpower, gets this bonus. At the end of a successful rescue, she regains a point of willpower for saving her son.

Example: Jim isn’t a rich guy. He’s not particularly bright. But his daughter, Jessica, is gifted. Jim would die for her, but in this case all that’s necessary is that he works out some way to get her into college. Willpower expenditures to do that receive the bonus, and if Jim manages to get her where she wants to go, he gets a point of willpower back.

The 2 point version is for a single person. The 4 dot version can be for a small group of people closely tied to the character- family, close friends.

Drawback: Acting contrary to this attachment- such as refusing to help the attachment, harming them deliberately, etc- causes you to lose a point of willpower. In addition, their very existence represents a way for your enemies to threaten you. If the attachment is ever lost permanently to the character (what that means is up to the storyteller), then that character loses a dot of willpower. This can be regained normally. In the case of group attachments, every member must be lost before the dot is burned.

Example: Jim’s also an alcoholic, and loses the second job he took to pay for textbooks for being drunk on duty. He loses a point of willpower that day for failing to support his daughter.

Example: Claudia’s been pursued by her enemies, on the run after pulling her son out of a kidnapping. While asleep during the day, a ghoul retainer enters the motel room they’d been hiding out in and murders the son. When she wakes up and finds his body, she loses a dot of willpower.

Notes: I’m fond of allowing/forcing mortals to burn dots of willpower for various reasons and I thought the nWoD could use some way of simulating this sort of thing. I’m not sure if the merit is overpowered, underpowered, overpriced, underpriced- that sort of thing I have no intuition for.

Personal Attachment

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