Philip Baron

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” – Amy Bloom

Philip Baron, 61 (1956) : EDL-affiliated Crime Boss.”

First Impressions: Mean & Nasty! Balding, sparse white hair on a shiny head.

NAME MIND 12 / [ 00 ]
BODY 9 / [ 00 ]
SOUL 7 / [ 00 ]
WP 6 / [ 00 ]
SPLAT/TYPE (Group) :
SPLAT Power Stat: ??/LEVEL
OCCUPATION Int 3 Str 1 Pre 1 Size 5 Defence 3
(Dex+Wit) Lowest of Dex/Wit)
NATURE/DEMEANOR Wit 3 Dex 3 Man 3 Initiative 6
Perception 6
VIRTUE/ VICE Res 3 Sta 1 Com 3 Speed 11
L./H. Enc 8/11
Aspirations: Disorders: Disabilities: Derangements: Fetters: Passions:
Powers/ DISCIPLINES Mental Skills Physical Skills Social Skills Merits Flaws
Academics Acrobatics Animal Ken ?? ??
Construction Athletics Empathy ••• •••
Crafts Brawl Etiquette ••• •••
Humanities Drive Expression ••• •••
Investigation Firearms Intimidation ••• •••
Medicine Heavy Machinery Persuasion ••• •••
Occult Larceny Politics ••• •••
Science Stealth Socialise ••• •••
Technology Survival Streetwise ••• •••
Warfare Weaponry Subterfuge ••• •••
Misc. Notes People Places Plothooks Assets & Extra Equipment (Enc) Gear Carried
.. ?? ?? ??
?? ?? ?? ••• ??
.. .. ?? ?? ??
?? ?? ?? ••• ??

Aspirations (S):
Aspirations (S):
Aspirations (L):
Fetters (People/Places/Objects from this mortal world keeping you linked):
Passions (Strong emotions about your life & death that add WillPower) :
Recent Past:
Family History:
Overall Ambitions & End-Game:
Secret/Hidden Plot Hooks for later:

To his friends, Philip Baron was the archetypal English gentleman.
He enjoyed a champagne lifestyle at his huge mansion backing on to an exclusive golf course and boasted of being a property developer.
But his clubhouse drinking companions had no idea that, behind the facade, the father of two was the mastermind of a £300million drugs gang.
For 15 years he helped flood the streets of Britain with cocaine and cannabis.
The 57-year-old former lorry driver from Manchester travelled the world meeting the heads of Colombian drug cartels to arrange massive shipments into the country via Spain.
His criminal empire spanned three continents and took in a complex network of couriers and money launderers who communicated in code.
Baron and his associates spent their huge profits on country mansions, foreign villas, luxury holidays and prestige cars.
Many owned racehorses and spent tens of thousands of pounds attending England and Chelsea matches abroad, always flying first class.
But the gang’s reign was ended by a four-year global operation co-ordinated by the Serious Organised Crime Agency.
Yesterday, Baron was the final member to be brought to justice after pleading guilty at Liverpool Crown Court.
He had fought a legal battle against extradition from Ireland while his conspirators were jailed. Baron was recorded on a prison phone saying the game was up because the police had so much evidence that ‘the Pope could not get out of it’.

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This Northern boy made big… Led one of the largest and most profitable crime syndicates in Britain until he was imprisoned, just in last few years for multiple life sentences. This syndicate was all under the umbrella of the Baron Bros Businesses and subsidiaries. His Russian-born son, Peter Baron has taken over now, though not without some controversy, power struggle and rumour of an inside snitch…

Philip Baron

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