Rational Explanation

“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”

Prerequisite: Resolve 2, Science or Athletics 4

Your character relies on rational thought, reason and his education to make sense of a frightening and irrational world. When required to make a Resolve + Composure roll to resist fear, panic or some other mental breakdown in the face of the supernatural, the character may gain an edge from the reliability of reason.

When spending WillPower to augment such a Resolve + Composure roll, the character may substitute his Science or Academics dots for the +3 dice bonus he would typically gain.
If the Willpower is spent to increase Resolve or Composure for the purpose of subtracting from an aggressor’s dice pool, this Merit increases the +2 dice bonus to +3 for a 4 Skill or +4 for a 5 Skill. Specialties do not alter these effects.

Drawback: If you truly are unable to rationally explain a situation at all you suffer a -2 to a Sanity Check.

This Merit can only be purchased once for any character. It must be linked to one Skill — either Science or Academics — when it is purchased and cannot be changed thereafter.

Rational Explanation

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