“Never in my house.. Ye abide by m’rules ya see…”

This is a Hidden, Vague Stat that is kept by the GM and is a Bonus that may be added to any “Reaction Roll” when first meeting people and the GM needs to determine how the first impression and how they react to you. It may also apply in certain other Social Situations such as Persuasion or Haggle Rolls. It’s always a little easier getting what you want if people like you and can be a struggle if they don’t.

Base Reaction = ( Presence + Karma + Renown + Relevant Merits ) /2
I.e. (2 + 1 + 1 (Striking Looks) + 2) /2 = 3 Reaction Bonus.
I.e. (2 +0 – 2 (Ugly Flaw) – 1 (Impatient Nature) – 3 Karma ) /2 = -2 Reaction Bonus.

Merits such as Deep Rapport may add extra points to Reaction or Flaws like Prejudice gives Penalty.

Edge includes Fashionable or expensive clothing, accessories or other signs of wealth or lack of if meeting a Greenpeace Supporter etc. + Relevant Social Merits

For example:- A Salesman is trying to sell his latest thing and first meeting his client he has a Reaction= 4
(3+1+2 (for Striking Looks) + 2 (for a very expensive tailored suit) =8)

Other Situational Modifiers :-

  • Similarities between you and person
  • Actual situation

This is a secret score kept by the Storyteller only.


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