Situation Modifiers

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Remember, always.. Positive (+) Modifiers are beneficial while Negative (-) Modifiers hinder Action Rolls. Check House Rules and Skills for more…

The GM calculates and adds Modifiers to any situation Action Rolls if necessary. In seemingly dangerous or stressful scenes Composure can be crucial and can have a big effect on such situations.

A scene is influenced by a characters Composure. If a person’s Composure is above normal then

For range or stress levels… Remember PC’s Composure and if COM 1 : DM = -2.. COM 2 : DM= -1.. COM 3 : DM= 0.. COM 4 : DM= 1.. COM 5 : DM=2 and so on …

A scary and supposedly Haunted house is being investigated by cops searching for a serial killer, all with their hand guns out.. They try and shoot a shadowy figure at far end of Hall ..

Dice Pool = 3 d10 (3 + 3 + 1 – 4)

Dex (3) + Firearms (3) + Exquisite gun (1) + Situation Modifiers (-1 for low Composure, -2 for shadows and no lights, -1 for cramped and crowded hallway.. No Positive Modifiers.)

-1/-5 Night
-1/-5 Fog
-1/-5 Distance
-1/-5 Bright Sunlight in Eyes
-1/-5 Behind Cover

Situation Modifiers

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