Social Style - Fast Talk

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Prerequisites: Manipulation 3, Subterfuge 2

Your character talks circles around listeners. She speaks a mile a minute and often leaves her targets reeling, but nodding in agreement.

(1) Always Be Closing: With the right leading phrases, your character can direct a mark to say what she wants, when she wants. This trips the mark into vulnerable positions.

When a mark contests or resists your character’s Social interactions, apply a –1 to their Resolve or Composure.
(2) Jargon: Your character confuses her mark using complex terminology.

You may apply one relevant Specialty to any Social roll you make, even if the Specialty isn’t tied to the Skill in use.
(3) Devil’s Advocacy: Your character often poses arguments she doesn’t agree with in order to challenge a mark’s position and keep him from advancing discussion.

You can reroll one failed Subterfuge roll per scene.
(4) Salting: Your character can position herself so a mark pursues a non-issue or something unimportant to her.

When your character opens a Door using conversation (Persuasion, Subterfuge, Empathy, etc.) you may spend a Willpower point to immediately open another Door.
(5) The Nigerian Scam: Your character can take advantage of her mark’s greed and zeal. When the mark does particularly well, it’s because your character was there to set him up and to subsequently tear him down.

If a target regains Willpower from his Vice or Anima while your character is present, you may immediately roll Manipulation + Subterfuge to open a Door, regardless of the interval or impression level.

Social Style - Fast Talk

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