“The Uratha are split into two factions. There are the Forsaken, who are the (relatively by standards of atavistic beastmen) reasonable one, who have a progressive attitude and understand the necessity to maintain the separation of the dimensions (which they call by the primitive name of “hisil” or spirit world). On the other hand we have the Pure (cross ref. 893249 “Pure Tribes”), who are much more similar to the monsterous things we have grown to hate and purge with well-placed plasma rifle shots. Indeed, they appear so similar to the bestial ways of the so-called Garou, that one might wonder if there has been cross-universal ideological pollination before now…" -Velia Nazzad, New World Order Sociologist

A common term used now, that refers to all Werewolves is Uratha. There are 3 known distinct Uratha] Breeds, all quite different.

The first are the Pure who hold rigidly to

The second are the Forsaken, those

The last is Garou which in Japanese translates as “Hungry Wolf” or in French, means “Werewolf” and is derived from an ancient Old Germanic word for “Werewolf”. There seem to be very few of these in actuality, most collecting themselves around Africa and Asia. It seems they’ve found themselves a leader who is rallying them, and certain others from the other two Breeds to join them in a utopian ideal cause of building a Garou Nation. They do seem to have certain anomalous features compared to the other two Breeds but no adequate explanation has been found for these, as yet.

We know of three factions within the Uratha Species, each with a very different outlook and mentality due to their history.

The Uratha are known derogatorily as “Lupines” by Kindred Vampires and simply called “Werewolves” by the ignorant who know little or less of the various types of “Shapeshifter” or “Changing Breed” properly named Fera. As a Species, they were all around before The Fall and they usually speak the First Tongue.

There was a single, main division between the Tribes of the Uratha. Those who were not involved in the death of Father Wolf call themselves the Pure while those who were involved in whatever the incident was that resulted in the death of their leader, Father Wolf are known as the Forsaken and collectively They name themselves the Tribes of the Moon due to their continuing loyalty to Luna, the Avatar Goddess of the Moon. The Forsaken argue that it was Luna who told them they had to kill Father Wolf for the greater good but the Pure refused, turning their Back on their Goddess. There is waged a fierce, eternal War now between these Tribes. Many of the Tribes are now extinct or very, very nearly.

Uratha who belong to no Tribe are known as Ghost Wolves and generally do not belong to the Pure or the Forsaken, though they most often sympathise with the latter. Ghost Wolves deliberately distance themselves from Uratha society, and suffer considerable stigma for their iconoclasm.

The Bale Hounds are not a Tribe, as they do not share a single common patron, and in any case do not follow the teachings of a Totem. They, basically, are corrupt and twisted Uratha worshipping the corruptor.

A Tribe is a group of Uratha who take as a Totem one of the Firstborn, the powerful wolf spirits who were among the original children of Father Wolf. Each Tribe promotes their patron’s attitude to or agenda behind the hunt.

While packs are the primary social unit among Werewolves, tribes are the most widespread unit of broader organisation. There are eight tribes: three among the Pure, and five among the Forsaken, also known as the Tribes of the Moon. Uratha lore suggests there may be other Firstborn beyond the eight who grant patronage to the known tribes, though it is unknown if they too have followers. Membership in a Tribe denotes membership in one of these groups, and the majority of werewolves join one.

The ideals and beliefs of each totem are fairly broad, allowing for great variety in their followers, and consequently Uratha may not feel close kinship with other members of their tribe.

Some, however, join Lodges, groups within Forsaken society for Uratha with very specific agendas. Most Lodges are sub-groups within particular tribes, though some transcend tribe boundaries. Members must usually pass some form of strict initiation, but membership provides benefits which help the Uratha fulfil the lodge’s goals. This generally includes easier access to additional Gifts, but may also be anything from specialised training or knowledge (in the form of bonuses to traits) to patronage from a Spirit in addition to the Uratha’s tribal totem.

Tribes of the Moon
The Forsaken have five tribes, known as the Tribes of the Moon -

  • Blood Talons (Suthar Anzuth): The tribe of Fenris Wolf, who promotes the warrior and wolf aspects of the Uratha. Their chosen prey is other werewolves, often but not always the Pure Tribes.
  • Bone Shadows (Hirfathra Hissu): Occultists who seek to restore relations with the Spirit Courts with the guidance of their patron, Death Wolf. Their chosen prey is spirits that do not remain in the Shadow.
  • Hunters in Darkness (Meninna): Protectors of Loci, the spiritual centres of the world. Black Wolf is their Totem. Their chosen prey is the Hosts, mockeries of flesh and spirit.
  • Iron Masters (Farsil Luhal): This tribe, following the teachings of Red Wolf, embrace change and new ideas. They are closer to humanity, keeping up with technology and taking cities for their territory. Their chosen prey is Humanity, including its groups and institutions.
  • Storm Lords (Iminir): The tribe of Winter Wolf seeks to lead all Uratha through strength and noble example. Their chosen prey are the Spirit-Urged and Spirit-Claimed.

The Pure Tribes
The Pure Tribes, with their First Tongue names in parentheses, are -

  • Fire-Touched (Izidakh): Fanatical followers of Rabid Wolf, the spiritual leaders of the Pure, who hold that all Forsaken are irrevocably evil and that their taint may only be cleansed by fire.
  • Ivory Claws (Tzuumfin): Obsessed with purity, the followers of Silver Wolf are cold and calculating planners and schemers. Only those of the purest bloodlines are allowed to join.
  • Predator Kings (Ninna Farakh): These savage hunters hate the Forsaken not for killing Father Wolf, but for losing them the hunter’s paradise of Pangaea. Like their patron Dire Wolf (the oldest Firstborn), they live for the hunt above all else.

The Garou Nation
The Tribes and Lodges thought to still exist …

Beast Court Tribes

Wyrm-Eaten Tribes

Independent Tribe

Near Extinction Tribes

When an Uratha goes through its First Change it takes on an Auspice which reflects their personality, role etc.

Overview of Origins
In olden times when the barriers between the spirit world and the physical world weren’t quite as concrete, big daddy Father Wolf was the king badass spirit of the borderlands between the two worlds. He hunted, he killed, and, in the case of Luna, he seduced. From their union came the half-spirit werewolves, who took a shine to their dad’s position, and formed a great pack to serve as arbiter between the mortal world and the spirit world, and Luna blessed them.

However, when Father Wolf started getting old, the werewolves came to realize that they needed to take over, or they would skirt demise. So some (but not all of them) banded together and slew Father Wolf, and in turn, Luna cursed them all – even the ones who didn’t do it. Of course, this pissed off those who didn’t take part in the murder, and decided that the only way to free themselves from the curse would be to murder the REAL offenders. They became “the Pure.” More on them later. Maybe.

Anyway, with their father dead, the werewolves took up his place, but the other spirits didn’t quite take a liking to that… after all, Father Wolf was powerful enough to earn his spot. As such, more than a few of the werewolves need to use diplomacy, guile, et cetera.

As this is the World of Darkness and not the World of Shiny Things and Happy Puppies, there are plenty more negative spirits than positive in this modern age. :smalltongue: Stranger still, the barrier between worlds has solidified, and now the Gauntlet keeps all but the most powerful or versatile spirits from crossing into the mortal world, though they can still influence it quite easily… :smalleek:

1.75 million years ago -100,000 years ago: The Ice Age. Gaia attempts to root out Wyrm-corruption on her body by using glaciers. It is not as effective in Eurasia as it was in the Americas, as the Wyrm had no direct access to the Western hemisphere.1Finger Lakes of upstate New York are, according to Garou formed when Gaia reaches down, scoops out corruption from the area, and sanctifies it.12
20,000-30,000 years ago: Wendigo, Uktena, and Croatan cross the Bering Land Bridge with early Amerindians.3 It appears to them after they had been lead to East Asia by Gaia and prayed for guidance. Wyrm creatures try to follow them, but the bridge breaks and falls into the sea, taking them with it and isolating the Americas from Wyrm influence.1 The Three Brothers build a sacred mound where the bridge was and destroy most of the remaining corruption in the Americas.1 The Garou leadership serves to lessen the Delirium in Amerindians.1 Inuit peoples cross in two waves cross after the bridge refreezes, and remain in Northern Canada and Alaska to maintain the wards keeping the Wyrm out.1 The totem of the Wendigo changes from Sasquatch to Wendigo.4
13000 BCE: A group of Paleo-Indians hunt mastodon, bison, woolly mammoth and caribou in the Las Vegas valley.5
August 13, 3114 BCE: According to the Mayans, a “creation event” happens on this date. Their Long Count calendar counts the number of days from this date.61 NOTE: The Long Count calendar begins counting from August 11th, not August 13.7 We have let this stand as-is, assuming the Mayans did things slightly differently in the World of Darkness.
600s BCE: According to the Nephite Priesthood, God grants secret wisdom to the Nephi.8
150 CE: The Mexican city of Cuicuilco is destroyed by an erupting volcano.9
Early 200s CE: The Mayans practice personal sacrifice in order to perform magic.10
200s CE: During this century, Croatan fully destroy the Adena mound-building culture in the Ohio Valley.11
300 CE-400 CE: The Anasazi pictorial records indicate non-Anasazi humanoids; likely visitors.5
500 CE: Classical period of Guatemalan Mayan city-states begins. Some of the “gods” to whom blood was given may have been vampires. Other city-states revere Bastet of the Balam tribe.12
Late 800s CE: Leif Ericsson comes to North America. It’s debatable if he brought Life-mages with him.13
986: Bjarni Herjulfson, a Viking Kinfolk of the Corax, gets lost, and sees the New World for the first time, although he does not disembark. He does inform the Corax of what he has seen, however. 14
900 CE: Sometime during this century, a Viking settlement is established somewhere on the island of Newfoundland, and a few Fenrir made the journey as well. Conflict quickly arose between the Fenrir and native Garou, and the settlement didn’t last more than a few decades. Stories say that some of the Get remained and bred into native populations, giving rise to Ymir’s Sweat.15
11th century: Classical period of Guatemalan Mayan city-states ends, having begun in the 500s. Some of the “gods” to whom blood was given may have been vampires. Other city-states revere Balam Bastet.12
1002 Leif Ericson’s navigator, a Corax named Einarr Flies-Like-Smoke, joins Ericson’s expedition in order to steer him away from the Pure Lands, at the behest of the New World Corax. However, a storm forces him to steer the ship to the safety of American shores. Einarr eventually feels that he has no choice but to help Ericson, who eventually visits the areas that Bjarni Herjulfson described. Ericson returns home a hero, but Einarr is derided among the Corax for his failure. 14
1150: The Anasazi civilization suddenly vanishes, all of them having Ascended.16
1189: Wendigo tribe destroys the polluted and tainted pre-Columbian city of Cahokia, in what is now modern Illinois, against the wishes of the Croatan. Tribal relations are strained between the Three Brothers.17
1300: Enemy Heart Eaters are brought down by fellow Uktena at around this time. 11
1350: The Great Caern, a powerful caern of cooperation, is built this year by Wendigo, Uktena and Croatan Theurges in what will eventually become Vancouver. 18
1449: Nightshade returns from America with Star-of-Eagles and other Native American mages. Emissaries begin to arrive in France.19
1452: Minor Tribunal held in the Gediz Caves. The Primi formally dedicate their Crays to Horizon. Primary Crays include the floating tip of Lyonesse (France); Stonehenge, Chalice Hill and Glastonbury Tor (Britain); Loch Neagh (Ireland); Nemi Lake and San Lorenzo in Lucina (Italy); the Dragons of Guilin (China); Arches National Park (Utah, USA); Gediz Caves (Turkey); Artaxerxes’ Court, the Canyon of Qu’Dali (Persia); and the Library of Alexandria.20
October 14 1456: Naioba and Star-of-Eagles formally declare their union before the Traditions in Horizon. The couple later bear two children.1921222324
June 21, 1466: The Resolutions of Intent that form the Council of Nine Mystick Traditions are passed in Horizon Council chambers. Council of Nine becomes official.252627282930213132332234353637 Generic titles and ranks are standardized.3839 Traditions and their Primi include4031:
Ahl-i-Batin (Batini), represented by Ali-beh-shaar41
Akashic Brotherhood, represented by Wu Jin (assisted by Cheng Sa42
Chakravanti (Euthanatoi), represented by Chalech (founded)
Chœur Céleste, represented by Valoran4344
Dream-speakers, represented by Star-of-Eagles4546 (founded)
Order of Hermes, represented by Magister Baldric LaSalle
Seers of Chronos (Sahajiya), represented by Sh’zar the Seer
Solificati, represented by Diplomate Luis de Estes47
Verbenae, represented by Nightshade of Harrogate
1492: Christopher Columbus arrives in Hispaniola, starting one of the greatest massacres the world has seen.4849 His flagship, the Santa Maria, is a blend of caravel and carrack called a nao.50 The Conquistadors start to conquer the Americas. Wyrm influenced Conquistadors plunder gold of South American empires, as this symbolized the corruption of the purity of the Americas.51
1500s: Second War of Rage begins in the New World. Old World Nagah immigrate to the Americas and find Nagah already there, to their surprise. Zuzeka forms.52
1500s: Conquistadors conquer the Americas. Wyrm influenced conquistadors plunder gold of South American empires, as this symbolized the corruption of the purity of the Americas. 51 One of the conquistadors eventually becomes Lord Steel, the Duke of Hate, Maeljin of Abhorra, Urge-Wyrm of Hatred.53
1500s: Hernando de Soto arrives in American southwest, subjugating and conquering natives. Native shifters harry Spaniards.54
1500s: The Native Garou do not realize the threat until the Europeans arrive on the east coast55, and the sheer weight of their numbers overwhelms their magical wards.56
1519: Hernan Cortes conquers Aztecs, bringing a few European Garou with him. Native Garou and Balam Bastet retreat to jungles.57
1519 – 1521: Shadow Lords meet with, then attack Mesoamerican Uktena.11
1521 – The death of the last Camazotz, killed by a Shadow Lord sends its death cry across the Penumbral Americas; the Shadow Lords end their war on the Fera and Uktena11 of South and Central America.58
1570: Onandaga leader Hiawatha makes a pilgrimage to the Finger Lakes, where he sees a vision of peace among all peoples. He unites the Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Onandaga, and Oneida peoples into the League of Five Nations, and asks the Amerindians to work peacefully with the Europeans. This works well until the Seventh Generation arrives from Europe to destroy it. 59
1570: Finger Lakes Caern is reopened. Red Talons take moon bridges over from Europe to get to it. 60
July 17, 1579: Sir Francis Drake comes ashore at a strange land, and claims it in the name of Queen Elizabeth.61
1587: John White settles Roanoke Island with 120 men, women and children from Plymouth, England. White leaves the colony in autumn to return to England for more supplies and colonists, but is held up by the Spanish Armada.62
1589: The Croatan and their Kinfolk sacrifice themselves to banish the physical manifestation of Eater-of-Souls at the English colony of Roanoke. 586311 The entire tribe is destroyed, as well as the colony. The name “Croatan” is left etched on a Glade Child tree.59 The Wendigo blame the Uktena for not coming to the aid of the Croatan, the Uktena claim that they did not know what the Croatan were planning to do.64
1590: John White returns to his colony on Roanoke Island. The colony is deserted, the colonists vanished. The only clue is the words “CROATAN;CRO” carved into the surrounding trees.62
1600s: The Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga and Onondaga nations unite to form the Iroquois Confederacy.65
1600s: It’s unknown whether life-mages came to North America with the pilgrims.13
1600s: Era of Dutch Sovereignty in New York takes place from 1609-1664. Chester R. Van Gelding is born during this time. He eventually joins the Seventh Generation.66
1600s: The Seventh Generation turns European colonists in America against the Native Americans. It also orchestrates witch hunts. 67
1600s: A Wendigo caern in the Adirondacks is seized by Silver Fangs and becomes the seat of House Wyrmfoe. 4
Late 1600s: Valka Great-thorn, a warrior woman of the Get of Fenris, simultaneously attacked Wyrm and Uktena forces, who were fighting over the Caern of the Sentinel in New York State. Weakened from their bloody battle, both the Uktena and the Wyrm forces lost. The Get took over the Caern.68
1600: Balam legend states that by this time the two tribes of Bastet that called the jaguar kin, the Olioiuqui and Hovitl Qua, have been reduced to such small numbers that the two are nearly extinct, and so forced to join into one tribe – that of the Balam.69
1604: Samuel Chaplain founds Acadia in Nova Scotia. Some Canadian Silver Fangs later claim that their ancestors arrived in Canada at this time, but the other tribes doubt this. 12
1605: The Third Great Maelstrom thunders forth after the destruction of the Flayed Lands creates a gaping hole into Oblivion.70
1609: Henry Hudson’s expedition for the Dutch East India Company explores the area that will become New York City. While no Kindred are present on the voyage, at least some are likely involved in bankrolling it through the Muscovy Company.71
1616: University student Getulio Vargas Sao Cristavao stows away on a slave ship headed to Brazil’s sugar plantations.72
1625: Establishment of the New Amsterdam colony by the Dutch leads to the arrival of the first Kindred in what is New York City in modern nights.71
Early 1630s: Ventrue agents in the service of Mithras, Prince of London, arrive in Boston and force the Tremere from the city.73
1635: Madeline Coventry arrives in Boston and establishes a Tremere Chantry there.74
1637: Boston’s Runnymede Club, its oldest gentleman’s club, is founded.75
1664: English settle in New Amsterdam. Connecticut’s governor orders them to live in peace with the Dutch. New York flourishes as a multicultural haven, mainly because of Gaian energies in the area.76
1680: Europeans arrive in Central America, and begin systematically destroying Mayan culture.77
1687: Thanks in part to heavy European Garou influence, New Yorkers force King James II to grant the Iroquois Confederacy equal status under the law. 78
1689: Leisler’s Rebellion. Inspired by the English Civil War and the deposing of James II, a few New Yorker Black Furies and human allies launch a rebellion in New York in order to create a fully representative government. Jacob Leisler becomes governor of New York. Leisler is eventually deposed and hanged, and New York returns to royal rule.79
Early 1690s: The Salem Witch Trials take place in Salem, Massachusetts, resulting in the conviction and execution of several mortal pawns of Madeline Coventry’s chantry. The chantry proves strong enough to survive, however.74
Early 1690s: Ventrue drive Brujah vampires from Boston, establishing lasting animosity between the clans in the area.74
1700s: Porthos Fitz-Empress owns large plantations in North Carolina and Tennessee, concealing and guarding two private Nodes.80
1700s: The Dreamspeakers have so splintered in their relations with racist Traditions that by this time fully half of them have returned to their native peoples. This schism results in the demise of many Dreamspeakers, and a rift between Tradition and Council that will not be fully healed even three centuries later.81
Early 1700s: Uktena briefly recapture the Caern of the Sentinel from the Get of Fenris with the help of the Shadow Lords. Shortly after the Uktena and Shadow Lords take to fighting and the Get of Fenris seize the caern once again. 8283
1700: The Followers of Set arrive in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.84
1710: Reginald Proctor of the High Guild founds a Boston branch office of his London investment firm, dubbing it Proctor House.8586
September, 1755: A Lenape shaman is en route to a sacred site from the village of Kittaning when British forces raze it.87
1756: Master Getulio Vargas Sao Cristavao insults the ways of the Dreamspeakers. As a result, the entire Iroqouis delegation leaves Horizon in disgust. A Dreamspeaker named Nashoba convinces half the Dreamspeaker delegation (100 Native Americans) to go with them.8872899091
1761: The Samedi bloodline originates to somewhere around this time, as no members of the Samedi predate this point.9293
March 5, 1770: The Boston Massacre takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, putting many events in motion which will culminate in the American Revolution. A group of Brujah revolutionaries in league with Sabbat forces from Maine helped to instigate the conflict over the next several centuries in order to challenge Ventrue dominance of the northern colonies.74
1775: American Revolutionary War begins. Bone Gnawer Auntie Mame spies for the Americans.94
1776: Wikipedia:Adam Smith publishes his treatise on the benefits of a capitalist society, Wikipedia:The Wealth of Nations.8586
1780s: Many Red Talons leave Europe due to threats to the existence of their packs and head to the United States. 60
1783: The Brujah (and secretly the Sabbat) succeed in ousting the Ventrue from Boston with the help of French Malkavians and Toreador and Native American Gangrel. They also receive secret support from Madeline Coventry, who is unaware of the Sabbat connections.742 (^ The Brujah were originally working with Sabbat forces from Maine, something of which none of the Camarilla clans were aware.)
1784: Wyrm agents plan to disrupt Native American burial sites in the name of science. Thomas Jefferson, despite being hated by the Wyrm, falls for the scheme and initiates the first excavations. Some defiled sites set Wyrm-beasts free. 59
1790s: Conflict between Baladin and Madeline Coventry between control of Tremere power in the American Colonies.95
1795: The Tremere Baladin is sent to Boston to ascertain the status of the Chantry there. He assumes leadership of what he sees as a foundering Tremere outpost.95
1797: Laurent de Mer is exiled from France. He flees to the United States.96
Late 1700s: German founded Canadian town Lunenburg starts to become prominent. Get of Fenris settle in it.64
Late 1700s: Fianna begin to immigrate to Nova Scotia.64
Early 1800s: Aida-Wedo Mangum spends much of her time living and socializing with the free black and Creole society of New Orleans.97
Early 1800s: A young man accompanies survey missions of the new United States of America. He encounters a Deep Universe entity who introduces him to travel beyond the Gauntlet. He spends the following decades mapping the Near Universe, and later produces the theory of Dimensional Science.98
Early 1800s: Marie Laveau and Dr. John unite different factions in New Orleans into a single Craft, the Bata’a.99
Early 1800s: The first colonies of Ananasi crop up in Mexico.100
Early 1800s: Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities grow at an extraordinary rate.87
Early 1800s: The Pleroma Project is established outside New Madrid, Missouri.101
1800s: Wendigo spread south, all the way into Mexico.60
1800s: Porthos Fitz-Empress owns large plantations in North Carolina and Tennessee, concealing and guarding two private Nodes.80
1800s: Slavery ends in Eastern Europe, which begins an exodus of Roma to North America.102
1800s: The Ghost Wheel Society first appears in the American West.102103
1800s: Horatio Alger writes a series of children’s books where heroes go from rags to riches through hard work, luck, and good deeds.104
1800s: Although the Muse of Horror has been around as long as mankind, it is only this century that one of the most gifted poets of the Western world gives her a name: Lenore.105
1804: The European hold over Hispañola is broken.10699
1806: Derek of the Gangrel is embraced in this year by Mark Decker.107
1810: King Kamehameha unites the Hawaiian islands under his rule, acting as a puppet for the Order of Reason.108
1811: Shogecka Hunter Moon wanders westward in Harano.96
December 1811: The Missouri Valley experiences the first of three earthquakes, which temporarily reverse the flow of the river. The earthquakes are the Reality Coders’ first experiment with Reality 2.0, and a failure.109
1812: The War of 1812.87
January 1812: The last of three earthquakes in the Missouri Valley which temporarily reverse the course of the river’s flow. The earthquakes are an experiment by the Reality Coders in creating Reality 2.0, and a failure.109
1819: The Great Council of Uktena opens Uktena Kinship to non-Europeans.110
1826: America recognizes Hawaii’s independence, offering the Kopa Loei hope.108
[[December 25], 1828: ** December 25: Christopher Houghton, a Toreador exile, arrives in Los Angeles and becomes the first kindred to set foot in the city. 3
1829: A Tetrasomian (Glass Walker) Philodox by the name of Patrick Schulde in Pennsylvania first encounters the spirit and totem known as the Stourbridge Lion, who tells him to bring all those who would join him to the city of Philadelphia in three years’ time.111
Mid-1800s: Forces of the Wyrm nearly seize the Sept of the White Water at Niagara Falls, but Kinfolk of the Fianna and the Fianna themselves helped to save it, beginning the shared use of the caern between the Uktena and the Fianna to this day.112113114115
Mid-1800s: Children of Gaia openly mingle with the Native Americans in the Seattle area until this time. Their presence is the likely origin of the legend of the Sasquatch.116
1830s: A powerful Bane is released from its bonds in the American West; it fuses with a similarly mighty Weaver spirit to become the spiritual menace known as the Storm Eater.11711896119
1830s:The tribe called the Warders of Men changes its name to the Iron Riders.118
1830: Antonio Armijo and his scout Rafael Rivera set upon the trail from Santa Fe to trade goods.120
1838: The Enlightened Society of the Weeping Moon opens lodges in California and Oregon.12196
1838: As thousands of their Cherokee Kinfolk are forced out of Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina, many Uktena leave with them. In doing so, they leave many caerns behind unguarded, rather than allow the European Garou that remained to have them. Presumably the removal of the other major nations of the south – the Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, and Seminole – throughout the 1830s sealed the tremendous loss of Kinfolk that the Uktena suffered throughout the Eastern US.122
1838: During this forced removal of most of the Cherokee Nation, an Uktena werewolf named Singing Water and guardian of the Mammoth’s Bone, a tremendously powerful and ancient fetish, dies protecting her Kinfolk; before her death she manages to impart the artifact onto one of her Cherokee Kinfolk and give him a brief history of the fetish and the charge of eventually getting it back into the hands of the Changing Breeds.123
1840s: Uktena and Wendigo Theurges begin to sense disturbances across the Umbra in the wake of the Storm Eater’s release.12196
1840s: Mormon missionaries traveling from Salt Lake City to southern California stop so frequently at Big Spring that Brigham Young sends William Bringhurst and 30 other young men to colonize the area. The native Paiute are generous, yet unhelpful.124
1842: The Society of Jesus is permitted back into Brazil.125
1844: Jess Franklin is born in New Jersey.126
1844: The telegraph is created by Samuel Morse.127
June 27, 1844: The founder of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, Joseph Smith, is shot to death in Nauvoo, Illinois.128
1845: By this time, Las Vegas is the most popular camping spot on the Spanish Trail.120
1845-1849: The Potato Famine strikes in Ireland; Fianna Kinfolk are among the many who flee Ireland to escape the famine and suffering there. In addition, the virulent spread of the blight is accompanied by a thick miasma in the Umbra that would cast spirits into Slumber should they come upon it. The exact nature of this Umbral fog is still a mystery.129
1847: Bringham Young leads the Mormon people into the Great Salt Lake valley.128
1848 (cWOD): Gold is discovered at Sutter’s Mill in California.130
1849: The California Gold Rush begins. John Eaton Simcoe travels to San Francisco setting himself up as a banker and investing in several successful businesses in the city.131120128
1850s: Vampires become present in the West in greater numbers, implying a migration from the Old World.96118
1850s: The great Mormon Utah War doesn’t erupt in blood and fire as foreseen, but serves as a reminded nevertheless that the faithful ever face oppression.132
1850s: Aida-Wedo Mangum assists the Underground Railroad during this decade.97
1850: Mormons apply to become part of the United States as the sovereign State of Deseret, but the government refuses and creates the Territory of Utah, with Brigham Young as governor.128
1854: Tammany Hall starts to dominate New York City politics. Eventually becomes a totem.133
1855: The first Imperial Moot is called in North America, held on New York City’s Manhattan Island. During the Imperial Moot a Rite of Caern Building was enacted, in which the vast number of Garou present supplied an unheard of amount of Gnosis to create a caern amidst a city already in the thrall of the Weaver. The revel that followed was also reputably impressive. The caern created there is better known by the name of the sept that tends it in the modern day: the Sept of the Green.134
1855: Mormon missionaries settle in the area destined to become Las Vegas.128
1856: The New York City government sets aside an 800-acre area on Manhattan Island for a park, reasoning that the area was impossible to bring business into. This same area had been the site of an Imperial Moot a year before, and had in fact been turned into a caern.134
1857: President Buchanan sends federal troops to Utah. Casualties on both sides continue their unfinished business in the Dark Umbra.128
September, 1857: The Midnight Circus appears in Front Royal, Virginia.135
1858: Construction of Central Park begins this year, and will continue through 1874. The two most responsible for the design and process, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead, are two unknowing Kinfolk, whose designs will permit the caern at the site to survive the transition.134 The caern was originally a former Wendigo caern. 4
1858: The Utah War ends with Brigham Young accepting a new governor and President Buchanan pardoning everyone involved.128
1860s: Late this decade, Jess Franklin works as a conductor on the New York Central railroad.126
1861-1865: American Civil War erupts from centuries of plotting by Wyrm. This diverts Wyrm’s attention from the Native Americans, who start to solidify holdings in the North. Wyrm has U.S. government send smallpox infected blankets to the Natives, killing them in droves. Wyrm spirits of sickness also decimate Natives. 59 Bone Gnawer Auntie Mame spies for the North.136
1862: Wendigo support Sioux uprising in Minnesota.121137
1862: Hezekiah Blake, later a great Gurahl hero, is born this year to Kinfolk parents. 138
1863: The US Cavalry attempts a massacre of a meeting of Dreamspeakers. This is the first and last time such an attack is made, but Dreamspeaker elders continue to be on the lookout for another ambush.139
July 11-July 13, 1863: Wyrm agents spark New York Draft Riots. 59
1864: Hezekiah Blake, later a great Gurahl hero, moves to Wyoming with his family at the age of two.138
1865: End of the American Civil War. After the war, Wyrm agents divide New York City along racial lines. 59
1865: Jeremiah Lassater and partners incorporate into Premium Oil.121137140141
1868: A houngan named Amparo and his consort Seven Flowers open a gateway to a Horizon Realm they call Palmares, to preserve the Haiti that is even now beginning to fade.106
1869: Susan B. Anthony founds the National Women’s Suffrage Association.142
Late 1800s: The hostilities between the Pumonca and Old World Garou die down in the face of their massive common foe, the Storm Eater.143
Late 1800s: The Storm Eater’s escape from its bonds eventually rouses many Mountain Guardian Gurahl from slumber to help in the battle to defeat it.144
Late 1800s: Experts believe the Mafia is imported to America by Italian immigrants at the end of this century.145
Late 1800s: Triad members who come to the United States begin to create “tongs.”

  • Do any of the Uratha follow the edicts of the Pax Arcanum created centuries ago to try and all life on this planet.


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