Fallen World

“As above, so below. – Excerpt from the Rules of Magic…”

After the Exarchs committed the ultimate act of hubris, usurping control of the Supernal Realms, and the Celestial Ladder was shattered during the climatic battle between their supporters and those opposed to their claim, the Tapestry was shaken to its core. This allowed the Abyss to stretch itself between the higher truths and the material realms, thus separating it from the truth of magic and bringing The Lie into being. All that remained from the world was a fallen remnant of what it has once been, and this is it.. our World of Darkness.

Some call it the “Soul Cage” a false world, a poor reflection of what once was perfect and here all our Souls are born and reborn on the Wheel, striving ever onwards to ascend towards the Perfect Truths of the Supernal Realms. Who locked us within the prison of lies is a Mystery many Mages seek the answers to.

Within the Tapestry, the Fallen World lies between the higher truths of the Realms Supernal and the gnawing void of the Lower Depths.
The Fallen World is further divided into two parts: The Material Realm, that is accessed everyday and forms the reality most Sleepers will ever know, and the Realms Invisible, who have clearly supernatural traces left but are barred from the higher truths through the Abyss.

Fallen World

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