First Tongue

“… the linguistic roots of these Uratha are intruiging. They call their language the “First Tounge”, and it appears they might be somewhat correct, filtered through myth, of course. When I fed transcripts of their language through a translator, my suspicions were confirmed. The language is similar to ancient Summerian, but it appears that Summerian may be an evolution of it. Compared to the tougue of the sociopathic Garou, which is a bastardised mix of words from all languages, this raises the probablity by 5.67% that the events in their mythology are based on actual events." -Samuel Fitz-Johnson, NWO Linguist-Historian.

The First Tongue is the language spoken by the Uratha, who gain an innate basic understanding of it upon their First Change. It is also spoken by spirits, and may also have been the first human language. After it came the High Tongue that reached out to the vast Truths of the Supernal Realms and sought to encode them in trappings of sign and symbol.

The root of most First Tongue stuff is Sumerian, then run back through Grimm’s Law. Step Three is where it gets really complicated, though, as many — and I mean many — a word is not at all literally the un-Grimmed Sumerian root. Messing around in WTF: Blasphemies Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip I had to come up with some weird poetic language — like “neighbor-desire” for Envy. Many of the words that you see in the core were assembled by the guy who first put this thing together (James Kiley) and then many more were done by Carl Bowen while I was working on other stuff. So I can’t quote the exact etymology of some words. Hieing all the way back to that traffic light spirit, the Little Road Tyrant — yeah, its First Tongue name was derived from the Sumerian “red-yellow-green.”

There are minor “rules” derived elsewhere, too. Like the lunar choirs — they all end in “-lunim” not because it’s proper Sumerian derivation, but because it was evocative of old angel names (and thereby sort of evoked another really ancient culture).

Sometimes we went right for the in-joke, too. The Breath, Worm and Deep all have direct in-joke First Tongue names, two of them from W:tA (the Breath from an Elemental Urge, and the Worm… well, you probably know why we went with “Zmai”).

In retrospect, I guess it wasn’t a fair challenge. Rule Three is in its way the most important rule, and it seems to have gotten in the way of decoding the most. I apologize for that.
But it is the most important rule, particularly when designing your own words. It’s very, very easy to come up with the same not-so-intuitive word for three entirely different concepts, due to the many homonyms in Sumerian. Always keep that sucker in mind.

Nouns & Adjectives
able, strong, have the ability to: adugu
abundance, bounty: nam’ge
Act of lying down: nuth
African Wild Dogs, also known as African Painted Dogs: zifiurhir
after, back, behind, next in sequence: ekir
Alchemy, the alchemical arts; also used as a catch-all term for the Athanors and Refinements of the Prometheans: isibkim
alligator: halpa’egah
amnesia, lost memories, lost thoughts; brain damage: thimir
Amoeba, biological cell, bacterium: durumun
Amputee, one who is missing a limb: kuthask
an Auspice-less werewolf that is not Pure: nuniduth
Ancestor, elder; older, ancient, something that came before: affa
Ancestral. (One of those “Unfortunate Words”, as Sikla put it. Kek): affag
Angels of the God Machine: Angzermusim
animal: hirihdin
ankle, wrist: zingi
Ant: gisi
Ant Host: gisilu
Anthropocentric wolf, anthropocentrism; the werewolf condition in which one is uncomfortable being a wolf, and prefers to work in their human forms: gitsur
Appalachians. lit. “The Stones That Rise Nearest the Sea in First Tongue”: Taskarin-Na Degi Makaf
area, the area of something; a section of land; an acre: igu
arm, limb: zagsi
arrow, projectile; to fire, to shoot, to fling: ti
artificial spirits: lu’uduath
ashes, fire’s dust: hanzagar
Ass. Or Arse, if you’re British.: skedag
Aurora, Northern/Southern Lights: ulkefara
Auspice; Elodoth, alternate form, presented by the Werewolf Translation Guide; the term Sikla invented for their lunar choir is “Philunim”: Philodox
Auspice; Lunar Eclipse, alternate form, presented by the Werewolf Translation Guide; the term Sikla invented for their lunar choir is “Ragalunim”.: Ragabash
authority, royalty; to have authority, to reside over: manirikha
Autumn; fall: bura’ha
Autumn: Burah
axe/ax; to axe/ax, to cut down, to chop: lafriz
Axis Mundi, the World Tree: Haresi
Backbone, guts, nerve, resolve: sanimbathra
banish, damn: galer
banished, exiled, dishonourably/dishonorably discharged: nurikum
Barbaric/Monstrous Sea.: ursufgutha makaf (ursufgutha-makaf, ursufguthamakaf)
Barghest (lit. “dead town dog”, as the term “Barghest” may be derived from a term for “town ghost” or “spirit of the funeral bier”) : Namsu-Githagarum-Iurhir
Barrens of the Shadow, which are located around an abnormally high gauntlet: histhenlil
Baskaskdur: Firstborn
Bat: kamsat
bear (lit. “eater of bees”): rih-hirimasu
beard, facial hair: zum
beasts, animals; monsters as a whole may be known as “uthumamu”: umamu
Beasts of pouched progeny; a catch-all term for all marsupials: apatumamu
because; to be from being : annakal
bed; a place to sleep: ersu
bee, honeybee (lit. “flower-brewer”): hirimasu
behaviour/behavior, acts, habits, doings: nighthi
behaviour/behavior-blind; unable to pick up on body language, expressions and/or social cues: nugizigim
Betrayer, Traitor. (lit. “submits-and-hands over”) Werewolfy phrasing. For more generic traitor, see rih’kudum.: kelinihal
Betrayer, Tratior (lit. “eater-of-their-own”) See also kelinihal.: rih’kudum
big bad of stories; a wolf or other shifter with Hollywood Syndrome, i.e. all the telltale signs of shapeshifting according to folklore; werewolves with this may also be called “hafur-cahaskir”: kahaf-cahaskir
Big box store, supermarket: bisaganga
Biracial, bicultural — a mix of two different parentages from things such as different ethnicities or clans: mi’imuth
bird, non-predatory bird: karam
Birth, the act of birth, and/or the remnants of childbirth: dursagrik
Birth, the born: Dursagrik
Black; dark, shadowed: hikaon
black dog: Sumukh-Iurhir
black hole, a pit, an abyss; First Tongue name for the Abyss: yageken
blasphemous, horrific term to Anshega and Urdaga alike, it refers to the disgusting and terrible acts the Bale Hounds perform in service to the Maeljin. It is not a term used by either Pure, Forsaken or Ghost Wolves/half wolves, but by the Bale Hounds themselves.: Asadah
blind, sightless: nuigim
blind, sightless: nuigim (2)
blood; sometimes meaning dark, shadowed: muth
bog, quicksand; a marshy area, a swampy area: thurudumu
Bone, bones: hirfathra
Bone Gnawers tribe from Werewolf the Apocalypse, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide: Rih Hirfathra
bow: ithakusgidu
breath, breathing; to breathe: pakk
Brightness, glow, spreading light: bhur
Broodmother: sharamahan/Sharama
Brother: ses
brown, earthen-coloured/colored; to be bitter, bitter: thara
brush, writing tool (lit. “writing’s father”): safarah
building, structure, place, dwelling: zinna
buttocks, backside, rear: lalamu
Cage, prison cell: e’esk
calf, upper foot: gue’ekuf
calligraphy, font work (lit. “the scribal/scholarly arts”): namfisamthuf
Calmness, soothing; the act of calming or soothing: neha
cancer stick, smoke stick, tobacco; anything smoked: ufuful ifisar
car, vehicle, automobile: hurhir
cartographer (lit. “world scribe”): harumfisah
Cat: sua
Ceasing/Cutting of Breath: Dil Pakk (Dil-Pakk, Dilpakk)
certainty, stated fact, inevitability: ki’in
chain, bonds, shackles: hespeshiri
chainmail: suhum hespeshiri
Challenge: habalthu
changeling fetch; a copy, a swap, a fake, a sham or scam: veddir
cheek: tenu
cheetah: sa’ara
chest, breastbone: gafa
Chief Elder: affa nir (affa-nir, affanir)
Child, baby: dur
Child, cub; wolf pup, young wolf: urdur
child, youth; to be youthful; cheery, excited; excitement, excitable: ludir
Chimera, the mythical Greek beast, and also referring to the patron of the Stargazers: Suasumthurah
Chimera, unnatural hybrid; animera and humera (as described in Skinchangers) are called hidumamu-sharsusar and lu’u-sharsusar, respectively.: sharsusar
Choice, free will (lit. “change-ability”): faladugu
City, metropolis; capital city, large city: nanfarthir
Claimer of Slaves: arath thekhdu (arath-thekhdu, arathekhdu)
claw, nail, talons: umfin
clearing; a cleared piece of land: gislak
cloak: lulafuna
Cloud: zela
club, a stick; a post, a pole; a quarterstaff: kasinfu
Cockroach, pest, unclean insect; when capitalized, it refers to Cockroach, patron of the Glass Walkers: gazazagiz
coffee, tea; a bitter drink, a caffeinated drink: tharmu
colour: fara
conceptual spirits: sakthath
conflicted, torn, contested; to be unable to choose or decide: bur-zi
Considered VERY insulting, almost as bad as "muku, (if not more in some circles), it literally means "piss-moon, and is equivalent to the term “bitch”: shiniduth
Constellation: malan denamthuf
container, a basket; something used to hold things: fisak
Continent, realm, pocket dimension, place of existence: harmatha
Corrupt, sicken: viruhk
Cosmology, beliefs, belief system; literally means “The Collective Song”: hugiskir
cougar; puma; mountain lion: umaanga
council, a governing body; a group of experts: uzu manirikha
counsel, advice: namsigir
Country, tribal homeland; a lodge’s place of origin, could also refer to the Tribal Realms as described in Werewolf the Apocalypse; a place under the influence of a single tribe or lodge (for example, "the Ninna Farakh’s huginmatha, could be a large, uninhabited forest in the far north): huginmatha
court, assembly room: ku’en
cow, cattle, auroch: abis
coyote, prairie wolf: sehker nu’ur
crafts, doings, workings; to build or create positively, constructively: namsithim
Crap, to crap: sked
Creature in possession of flame.: izag
Creature that has fire as a trait. (Will o’ Wisps?): Iziduhu
Crest, sigil: arada zif
cripple, lameness, someone who is crippled or otherwise disabled; a dwarf, a runt, the weakest of the litter: eh’heh’kii
crocodiles — may also apply to crocodilians in general: samfasa
crocodilians, smaller, like caimans; the offspring of any crocodilian may also be known as sidra : sidra
crow, blackbird: hala
Crown, tiara; treasure: aha
Cunning, quick thinking; the Renown of Cunning: gakal
curiosity (lit. “wisdom-lust”): namzu-desasu
Curse, cursed; to curse, to put a hex upon: arrath
Cursed Dance of the Rulers (lit. “the song and dance/the play of the cursed kings”): Azithanir Elum
Cut Moon; a former Pure who has converted or reconverted to the side of the Forsaken; a negative term, often used disparagingly: Kuth-Iduth
D: D
dagger, a knife: uhurdur
Damn, damn it; literally means “banish to crap”, i.e. banish them to a place worth poop: galsked
dark, darkness, night, nighttime: mih
day, daytime: uthah
daydream, drifting thoughts to daydream; to imagine: uthah visktha
deaf, hearing loss, hard of hearing: nukazikal
Death, die, killing; killer, murderer: us
Death, dying, dead: namus
Death-Fleshed, a Sin-Eater: Namuskuzu
Death-Mocking Spirit, a Geist; technically a type of magath: Namuskadith
Deep; to have depth: bhurudh
deep blue; the color/colour of the oceans and lakes of the world: kafara
Deep green, dark green; forest color/colour, forestation, sometimes a term used to refer to the greenery of forests and the wild places: thirnisik
Deep Waters: bhurudh illu (bhurudh-illu, bhrudhillu)
Deer, stag: ayalu
Den mother, babysitter, surrogate parent: garama
Denver, known as "Wolf City, because of its importance to the wolves of North America: Ur Nanfarthir
Depressed, sad; sadness, grief; horror, horrified: aran
descant, categorization of spirits with a given choir: sehalim
Desert, wasteland; barren area in the physical world: karbhar
destroyed or desolate place in the Physical World caused by supernatural influence, such as a Promethean’s Disquiet; a Promethean Wasteland: hargishar
Devourers (agrihim if a spirit and plural, agrim if singular and a spirit): agrih
Devouring, consuming; a big eater: agalu
dexterity, dextrous; nimble, swift, lithe: kalfuful
different, foreign, strange: gur
dinosaurs, prehistoric lizards; the name means “dawn lizards”: aghumesgith
Diseased, corrupted, tainted: asah
Disharmony, chaos of the soul; one’s conflicted Harmony: irisilim
doctor, a healer; one who fixes another: su-suhiakag
Dolphin: luutalam
door, doorway, entrance: thakkan
dream, a vision; to dream or have a vision: visktha
dress, robe: gesmunusfur
drink: anah
Drones, spirit-bound servants of the Weaver from Werewolf the Awakening: Arath Due’esk
duel: minaltha
duty, an obligation: inu
E: E
each piece, percent: ta’am dunfath
ear: kizhal
early, before, the first: usagh
earth, soil, dust: sagar
east: sadium
Edge, rim, side: kikuru
effect, happening; to affect, to happen: dunam
effort, action: agthu
elemental spirits: hardunsuath
Elephant: tila’ghaleram
empty, hollow; a pit, a cavern, a pitfall: siduk
entropy, chaos in the wild and untamed sense: thik
Envy, jealousy: asusar
essence vessel; a mortal who stores essence in their body: ulal-su
ethnic group, species: muth madum
experience, worldy knowledge: harzu
explosion, inferno; to sear, to burn brightly: hanzaruth
extremist, barbarian; torturer; one who gives out extreme punishments or follows extreme Darwinism; sometimes used to refer to vicious “secret police”-type groups, such as those found among the Pure: nahag
Eye, eyesight: igi
eyebrow: igimalu
eyelash, lashes: igikasan
Eyes that must belong to death; refers to the thousand-yard stare associated with PTSD: igi-da-namus
F: F
Factory: zuurmusgun
Fang, tooth, teeth; bite: kuk
Father; a possible shortened version is “Fafa”, equivalent to “Papa”, "Daddy, or “Dad”: farah
feline creatures of legend; faerie cats, i.e. feline Hobgoblins and Changelings; a supernatural or ensorcerelled cat, such as a stereotypical witch’s familiar: gal’gan
female child, daughter: unudur
fetish; a spirit-touched object: hithdum
few, a small amount, a handful; threatened, nearly extinct, dying out: yarandhu
Fianna (Werewolf the Apocalypse tribe): Agala Kaskir
figure, shape; a mold/mould, a template; to shape or cut, to draw around, to cut out: uskuf
Final Breath: Zal Pakk (Zal-Pakk, Zalpakk)
finger, digit: shusi
fire’s air, heat, heat’s shimmer; illusions caused by heat, a mirage: hanzedumu
firelings: izathuthim
Fire-Possessed, Ridden by a fire spirit.: Izilu
first, foremost, start: baskask
First Tongue name for the qashmallim from the Promethean line; the name literally means “spirits who shape as much as there is”: Kasmaldhim
fish: bu
fisticuffs, brawling, fighting, unarmed combat: farak
Flaming orange; flame-coloured/colored, fiery; blazing fire or flame, like a wildfire: hanzer
flat surface; to flatten: dabh
Flesh, meat, entrails: uzu
Flesh-forgetting one; a wolf that cannot or does not leave the Shadow. Spirit equivalent is “Gurihalthimir hith”, and non-werewolf cases are “Gurihalthimir ul”.: Gurihalthimir dur
floor, a level of a house: garum igu
Flower, blossom; a maiden, a virgin; someone who is pure and innocent: hirim
foot, paw: kuf
forehead, brow: sakki
Forest, woods: thir
forever, eternal, eternity: thuri
Forever, eternity: nusirah
forever-bodied; regenerating, regeneration; used mainly to refer to the regeneration powers of werewolves: thuaghsu
Formori, spirit-bound spirits of the Wyrm from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Gurimzir
fortified tower; a keep; a lookout, a watchtower: anzaghar
Fox: ga’a
Fox Frenzy, Escape Rage: gaharuth
Free, freedom; to live free; a term sometimes associated to a werewolf unbound by a pack and not necessarily a positive thing (created by the Camarilla LARP): akruul
freezing rain, snow, hail; to snow or hail: skekh imin
fresh, new: kifil
friend, companion, acquaintance: thusa
frog, toad, amphibian : musarana

G: G
Gaia the Earth Spirit; also “Amahan Har”: Amahar-Maguralath
Gas giant: ulke malahar
Genius, from the Genius the Transgression fan splat: gurlu uduuma/gurlu uthima
genius (lit. “master of thoughts”) : thima-luhal
Ghost, spirit; catch-all term for ghosts, whether human or otherwise, and usually an adjective as in the terms "ghost-like, or “ghost-touched”: gazh
Ghoul, blood slave, blood addict: arath muth
gifts given by female or feminine-concept spirits; female-oriented gifts, such as those to help a pregnant mother: lamaru
Glass: ansak
Glass Walkers (Werewolf the Apocalypse tribe): Ansakiru’us
glimmerlings: zaggalunim
Glory, glorification, fame; the renown of Glory: dasrithu
goat; a sacrificial animal: mas
god, deity, greatest of all spirits; great totem spirit, akin to Father Wolf: maguralath
Gold, golden; radiant, brilliant; sun-colored/coloured, blond/blonde, a brilliant yellow: uthfara
gold: guzen
Gold in the sacred sense (such a sacred artifact of gold) and gold in the destructive sense (such as a golden bullet that could affect gold-sensitive shifters, like the Corax of oWoD).: uthanna/uthfil
good, sweet, pure: guth
Goose; swan: bhirtan
Gorgons, spirit-bound mortal creatures of the Wyld from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Duaguzu
Grandfather Thunder, patron of the Shadow Lords: Affarah Imin Bhalakh
Grand klaive; a powerful or legendary klaive; a klaive used by royalty, an alpha, or from a legendary or powerful werewolf or spirit: nir uhur
Great, huge, big: ka
Greed, want, desire: gushasu
Green; the color/colour of vegetation or foliage; foliage, greenery, a term sometimes used to refer to the greenery found in city gardens and similar environments: nisik
Griffin; when capitalized, it refers to Griffin, patron of the Red Talon: anzusua
group; a family: dum
Guard, a protector; a warden, a watchman; the act of watching or protection : nazaru
Gun, firearms: ufuful-rih
H: H
hair, fur, coat, pelt: malu
Half moon, and the corresponding auspice (derived from running "Philodox, backward through Grimm’s Law): Elodoth
hall: unu
hammer, tool, pounding instrument; to pound, to hammer, to trample: girag
hand, paw; to hand: suh
happy, joyous; to be positive, to be happy: hulif
hardened leather, leather armour: dufath gus
head, the head of, skull; to head, to lead: sahk
Heart: sakh
Hearth, fire pit: izi-pusagh
helions: uthath
Helions of the Afternoon Descant, representing the sun as it bears past noon. The afternoon sun is called Giluth.: Giluthim
Helions of the Merciless Descant, representing the rage of the sun and solar power at its most potent. The Merciless Sun is known as Akuthuth.: Akututhim
Helions of the Midday Descant, representing the noon and the sun at its highest point. The midday sun is called the Niluth.: Niluthim
Helions of the Morning Descant, representing the dawn and the sun that rises in the morning. See Sethsetuth: Sethsuthim
Helions of the Twilit Descant, representing sundown and the sun as it descends into evening. See Shuruth.: Shuruthim
Helios, Uncle Sun, Elder Sun: Uthanga-Sonag
Hello, greetings; literally means “may all be well”: thu kal bu
Help, aid, relief; to assist or bring relief to: akkal
Hermit crab; other crabs and crustaceans are referred to as “shumfin”: ushumfin
hermit crab: usu sha-umfin
higher learnings, higher education, academics: mak namsu
highest, highest in rank; the pack alpha: rikha
Hippogriff: anzusisu
hireling, servant, labourer: lukanka
Hollow Soul, in the sense of an “Empty Soul”. See also yageken zi.: siduk zi (siduk-zi, sidukzi)
Hollow Soul, in the sense of “Soul of the Void”. See also siduk zi.: yageken zi (yageken-zi, yagekenzi)
holy book or text, like the Bible or Torah: sar umfisanna
honey (lit. “flower-brewer’s gold”) : Hirimasu-guzen
Honor/honour, standing; bloodlines; the renown of Honor/Honour: arada
honour; to hold something high, to give standing to, to give rank to: sehe
honoured equal; a friend, a comrade; equivalent to the British and Australian definitions of “mate”: u’uf
Horse, horses: sisu
hour, unit of time: dunfath ah
Hour; a unit of time: dunfath-ah
House, den, residence: garum
Human ghost: erenissu
Humvee.: Kafuful Suhafasisu
Hunter cell, as detailed in Hunter the Vigil: githaldum
Hunter compact, as detailed in Hunter the Vigil: galgithaldum
Hunter conspiracy, as detailed in Hunter the Vigil: thirigalgithaldum
Husband, male mate: Niduhnir
husbandry, animal whispering, animal ken: hirihdin zibah
hyena: ayafa
I: I
Idigam, it means “The Dream-Bodied”. Older Name: Visktha-Su
illuminators: isanamsuthim
in addition to meaning “each”, it also can mean “to write”: sar
Indigo, royal purple: nirkemeda
ink (lit. “the blood of writing”): namthumuth
inkstone: namthumuth’na
insect, bug: ziz
instance, a situation: thidila
insult, it literally means "weak-blooded child, and refers to someone who is not considerable breeding or stature, or you don’t even consider a living creature or one of your own because of genetics: hanserthim dur
insult; f-bomb, the big f, the second-to-worst swear; f-bombs ending with "er, on the end are written as "mukask, and f-bombs ending with "ing, are written as “mukag”: muku
insult used by the Pure towards Mother Luna; considered a “classier” translation of the Pure epithet “Bitch Moon”: Amahan Shiniduth
interest, such as interest on a loan or on a house: guzen sagrik
Iron, metal: anfar
Island; an isolated point of land on a sizable body of water: matha-ina-makaf
jewel, gemstone, precious stone: ninzukh
judge, referee; to judge, to bring judgment upon, to determine: thiguth
Jupiter, the planet and astrological sign: Sazokh
Justice Spirirt (lit. “Heaven-breaking mercilessness”): Anburag-Namskagla
K: K
katana, cutting sword, chopping sword, biting sword: kuk uhur
King, lord, alpha, master, sensei; master of a craft, a given race, master/leader/most knowledgeable of something: luhal
klaive: hithuhur
klaive dueling: hithuhfizar
Knowledge: nighzu
L: L
lake, a giant pond: ummun
Lands, grounds, acreage; territory: matha
language, tongue, the gift of speech: emehir
larceny, bandit’s doings, burglary, thievery: ittiluzuk
latitude: thasimehu
lawmen, police, lawkeepers: nihhina nudaka
left, to the left, counter-clockwise: gaz
leopard, panther: bhakhir
Ley line, essence current: nahdal
librarian, a scholar, a professor or teacher of a lost or exclusive art (such as a type of ritual); powerful spirits that attend to libraries, as well as those that attend to places of lost knowledge and sacred power, are known as Nikinkhim. Totally not based off user Nikink for making the Sumerian Dictionary.: nikink
Library, museum: thukuhshabu
Lie down peacefully, sleep, rest, take a nap: usala nuth
light, glow, brightness: fur
Lightning of the short, sudden burst type; often used to describe a lightning flash with thunder: ufuful
Lightning of the sparking, cloud-to-cloud type; may also refer to chain lightning: nimhir
like, the same, replicating; a twin, a copy: gima
lily (white lillies are babharellu): ellu
line, an edge, a side; a path, a road, a trail; a beeline; to beeline, to move in a straight line: tha
lion, African and Asiatic varieties. See also im’fa.: nirsua
lion, may also be used to refer to cave lions or sabre-toothed cats. See nirsua for more specific variety.: im’fa
lip, chin: tun
Listen, hear; “listen to me”, “hear me”: hisdugu
lit. ‘Seven Turns of the Bitch Mother’s Face’. A phrase used in Predatory King intiations. (WTF The Pure, p. 92): Imin fala Uzuhama muz
lit. ‘Seven Turns of the Bitch Mother’s Face’. A phrase used in Predatory King intiations. (WTF The Pure, p. 92): Imin fala Uzuhama muz’
living or currently-existing beings, catch all term: asezi
lizards, catch all term: mesith
Lodge: garazhu
long, long-lasting, horizontal: sudkal
longitude: thasadmar
Lord, master, alpha, king; term is more royal in nature, as opposed to the scholarly luhal: nir
Lord of the Gauntlet: Zathu Nir (Zathu-Nir, Zathunir)
lovestruck, in love, admiration; to admire, to enjoy: kilituf
lower leg: lak
lowly, lowest in rank; the pack omega: kliat
Luna, in her full phase; poetic term: Rahuduth
Luna in her crescent phase, poetic: Ithaduth
Luna in her crescent phase.: Iduth-Shurilam
Luna in her full phase.: Iduth-Zalah
Luna in her Gibbous phase, poetic phrase: Cahaduth
Luna in her gibbous phase.: Iduth-Zu
Luna in her half phase, poetic: Eloduth
Luna in her half phase.: Iduth-Thiguth
Luna in her new phase, poetic: Irraduth
Luna in her new phase.: Iduth-Ki’unag
Lunes of the Blood Choir, the Lunes dedicated to the Harvest or Blood Moon that the Gishtahu (from Signs of the Moon) transform under.: Gishlunim
Lunes of the Lunar Eclipse Choir, dedicated to the lunar eclipse.: Suhalunim
Lunes of the Solar Eclipse Choir, dedicated to the eclipse of the sun by the moon. Their Helion counterparts I would call the “Hiruthim”.: Hirilunim
Lust; wanting, craving: desasu
lynx, bobcat: kalimi
mace, a spiked club: zufuth
machine (lit. “living toiling tool”): zigaguthushu
Machine Riders: Faruism
Madness Frenzy, Madness Rage: thimaruth
Maeljin’s slave, usually referring to those of the spiritual kind; spirits corrupted by and bound to the Maeljin: maelath
Maeljin of Lust; not a First Tongue word, but borrowed: Carnala
magic, mystical power; the power of witches and warlocks: ustegau
male child, son: mu’u’adur
mammaries, breasts, teats: ubiur
man, adult man: muni
manipulation, trickery; to trick, manipulate, fool: zanathima
Mankind, humanity, the herd: lu’u
many, more than one; plurals: shar
Many-skins; refers to a werewolf with multiple, non-werewolf forms via a fetish or something like the Anybeast gift, or a shape shifting entity with multiple forms; a skindancer who uses multiple animal skins to change form: Shargus
map, atlas: har denamthuf
market, bazaar, shop, place to sell things: sagarum
Marriage, married, mateship: Thamnam
Mars, the planet and astrological sign: Nezikhal
Mate, significant other: Thuhnir
materialist; someone more rooted in the mortal world than the spirit world, almost always in a derogative context: Hisil kakilituf
Meaning “Dark Moon”, it is a name for the New Moon: Muth Iduth
medicinal plants, medicine; healing, medicine, doctor’s work: afurusum
member, a part of a group; membership: dumask
memory, recall: magal
Messenger, news-bringer; journalist, reporter: gihia
metal projectiles, lagrange; another name for a bullet, especially a hollowpoint bullet: anfarti
Meteor, asteroid, comet: rork
middle, hip, side: if
Military base, fort: firdu
million; uncountable, a great number: sharuththu
mirror: zatharzu
Mist: farsekh
mold/mould: samana
Monkey, ape; sometimes used as a catch-all term for ape-like humanoids like Bigfoot; the origin of this First Tongue word is unclear, as is its true meaning, but records and oral history ascribe this epithet to apes and monkeys; literally means “drinkers of the clear water of man”: luhranah
Monster or werewolf hunter; literally means “puppy-killer”: urdur-sahaz
month, a lunar cycle: idufala
Moon, specifically the Earth’s Moon: iduth
Moonsilver of oWoD, or “Mother Moon’s silver”, which does twice the damage normal silver does and is only obtainable by going on a special quest for the Moon. May also be known as “amaduthfil” if the moonsilver obtained is used for harmful or destructive purposes.: amaduthanna
Moon Soul.: iduth zi, iduth-zi, or iduthzi
Moose, elk, “the deer that dwell in confrontation”: segarayalu
Mother; a shortened form is “Ama”, which is equivalent to “Ma”, “Mommy” or “Mama”: amahan
Mots that incorporate Scandinavian, Nordic and other Northern European cultures into their belief system: Okalur
Mountain: hursakh
mouth, jaws, gullet: gah
murderer: sahaz
mushroom, toadstool: uzuthirig
Must, must be, it must be: da
Mute, soundless, “broken-voiced”; one who is mute or has a damaged voice, or has a speech impediment: burskir
My, mine: ku
N: N
Name (often an insult) for a Ghost Wolf who has Pure beliefs and/or has not sworn/does not follow the Oath of the Moon: idukuthesi
Natural spring, water that comes from an underground source: na-illu
nature spirits: i’ilthath
Near, approaching: degi
neck: meli
Necromancy, death rites; sometimes used as a term to refer to Sin-Eater ceremonies: namus alal
need, requirement, necessity: sukhu
Neptune, the planet and astrological sign: Santhara
Night, heavy shadow (as in the kind brought by the lack of sun): ki’unag
Night, night-time: khil
No-Heart: nuhursakh
No one: nuthask
north: sisa
North America, known to the werewolves and Native American/Aboriginal tribes as “Turtle Island”: Nifuna Matha-Ina-Makaf
northeast: sadium-ina-sisa
northwest: mardu-ina-sisa
nose, nostrils, muzzle; to smell, to nose, to muzzle, to scent: giri
Now, currently, present: aske
number; to count: uththu
Oath, promise: saghba
oath, promise: sahfa
Object, an item, an inanimate thing: hafla
observation, report, sighting; to report, to study, to bring attention to: kurku
obsession, addiction; to obsess, to addict, to be addicted: kakilituf
occult knowledge, knowledge of magic, priestly knowledge; the occult, the unknown, the ways of the supernatural: isibamzu
Ocean or large sea: makaf
octopus, squid, cephalopod: shulor
off; not through, not from: nu’ina
Office, a place of work; one’s rank or station, one’s realm of authority: garum nikkmekkar
oil, fat, grease: ikkesk
Old: lifir
Omen: fa
One of a Renowned Soul.: kalekal-zi
one who has extensively travelled the Shadow, or roams it nomadically: Hisithakhdul
one who hates, fears or avoids the Shadow; Shadow aversion: Gurihal nirih
one who is addicted to the Shadow; Shadow addiction: Gurihal kakilituf
one who is prejudiced, racist or sexist; one who is biased towards a group, species, gender, etc.: kulugigurr
One without morality or conscience: viruhursakh
open, free, clear, unbound: nuza
Orange; the color or smell of blood thinned out by water: thimsuth
Pack-brother; male pack member: urdumes
Pack elder: urdum affalifir
Pack-sister; female pack member: urdurmin
page, writing surface (lit. “writing’s mother”): sarama
pain, redness, swelling: suhu
Pangaea, literally meaning “Father and Mother’s Land”: Faramahan Matha
pants, trousers: pahkhaz
paper (lit. “writing leaf”) : saranis
party, gathering, banquet; the bastardized version of this word, pronounced in human phonetics, is the term “moot”: mut
pathfinder, compass: hikihiri’us
Peace, peaceful, content: usala
Pegasus, winged horse; when capitalized, it refers to Pegasus, patron of the Black Furies: behazisu
People, humans, sheeple; herd, sheep, flock: eren
perfect, wonderful, ideal; to be idealistic; to be perfect: rumsar
period of time; a duration: su-ah
Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love; also known as “Nanfarthir Muthkiliteg”, "Nanfarthir Gishmuth, and “Nanfarthir Dumuth”, the main name for Philadelphia comes from its wounded and broken history, and the shattered, annihilated wolf families caused by Hunter intervention; the name literally means “City of Corrupted Love”: Nanfarthir Gishakiliteg
piece, pieces, shard, shards; to break or shatter: dunfath
pig, boar: hironthir
pink, rose-colored/coloured: kuskabbar
Piss; someone who is pissy is “shinathask”, lit. “piss-one”: shinath
pity, mercy: skagla
place under protection, Protectorate: Gi-Uru
Planet: malahar
plant or a group of plants; vegetation, foliage: anis
plate armour/armor: suhum duksium
poetry, ballads, songs, hymns; the spoken word: ilalum
Point, end, tip: asde
Poisonous snake, serpent; dragon, wyrm: mirska
politics, political systems, policies; ways of the leaders: karranika
Poor, pathetic, lacking: kumsum
poor sense of smell, or one who cannot smell: nugiri
Predator, hunter, carnivore; predatory bird, bird of prey; sometimes mistakenly spelt as “ninnah”: ninna
Pregnancy: Kalitti durah
presence, charisma, people skills: eren ikhi
pressure, weight; strength, force: gu’usu
Primal, ancient; antique, antiquated: kalifir
problem, issue, matter at hand, a thorn in one’s side; to be a problem, to cause trouble; a thorn, bramble or prickle: thala
prophetic dream; the prophetic dreams of a Cahalith: cahavisktha
Protectorate, but with a symbolic, militaristic connotation. See Gi-Uru: Zahhiri
proto-shapeshifter; ancestral bloodlines; a catch-all term for the shapeshifters that existed before the tribes, during prehistory and the time of Father Wolf: garaah
psychotic, crazed, nuts; psychosis, violent state of mind: kuruthimma
public, exposed, out in the world, on display, available to all: silathakal
puppet, a mind-slave; one stripped of free will; to puppet, to act through another: zana
Pure, purity; the Renown of Purity: sihil
Rabbit, hare; name literally means “the shared animals of doing”, with “doing” interpreted as an epithet for the many food roles rabbits/hares often fill, or in modern times, a jab at how fast they breed: faahidu
race (lit. “run-duel”): zarminaltha
Rain, storm: imin
Rainbow: ulke-nirhamma
Ram (if not castrated) See Ulakhar: udhughal
rapier, a thin sword, a dueling weapon: sal uhur
reading, to read: namthuk
Reason, a plan; knowing, knowledge of something: neshdugh
reason, point, argument; to express an idea, to argue, to debate: inimsik
Red, color: suth
Red-dripping; to blood, to make bloody; slaughter, killing; something that is coated in blood: suthar
reed, a cattail, papyrus; a twig, a weak branch: fuful
reincarnation, past lives; the name means “twice-lived” and it can refer to the Past Lives mechanic of WtA, the Mokole’s Mnesis function, or just reincarnation in general: minezi
Renown, standing; may be capitalized just as Renown is: kalekal
Restaurant, dining hall: ibsuftu
result, the result of; the end or outcome: la’askah
Revenge, vengeance (lit. “a cry for justice”): nihhina-kakana
Rhinoceros: busazikusur
right, to the right, clockwise: zag
ritemaster; religious leader: uralal luhal
Rock fortress: dhuunum na, dhuunum-na, or dhuunuma
root, foundation, base, boundaries: iskthum
rope, tether; to be bound, to be tied up; to be trapped, to be penned; domesticated, domestication; to domesticate: eshiri
Rule, rules, laws; the constitution of a country or land: mathasahfa
Rumble-throat, the First Tongue name for a capercaillie: mumarum-keli
run, running; to run, quicken, hasten: zar
S: S
sacred space, a religious site, a place of great importance; a "nahdar unurifanda, is a particularly sacred locus or wellspring of power: unurifanda
sadness, lamentation: garaz
safe, safety; to care, careful; refuge: umalas
Scar, mark; permanent wound, wound that hasn’t healed: nukuth
scholar, scribe: umfisah
school, place of learning: garum a’ak
scorpion (lit. “pain-tail”): suhu-lalazagsi
scout: ihifara
sea monster; spirits (which, by themselves, are also known as kirulath) or mythical/monstrous beings of the deep ocean, some of which resemble Cthulhu or other Lovecraftian beings: kirul
searings: hanzaruthim
Seawall, Groyne: niksuhumsagarfath
second-highest, second-higest in rank; the pack beta: atrah
secret: athal
secret lunes: iduzulunim
Seeker of enemies, seeker of enemy territory; one who provokes the enemy, s***-disturber, provoker; to stir the pot, to rock the boat: giherimu
Serpent, snake: usum
serval; caracal: gibkir
Shade, shadow; ghost, spirit of a dead person: hissu
shade of purple so dark it is almost black; sometimes used to describe the color/colour of the night sky: hikanirmeda
shadow, in reference to a shadow cast by an object or a being; this word inherently carries a definite article’s specification of meaning, so something like ur kuunag means “the wolf’s shadow”, instead of ur ki’unag, which means more along the lines of "shadow from a wolf, or “wolfish shadow”: kuunag
Shadow-blooded; someone with spiritual heritage: Hisimuth
Shadow-forgetting one; a wolf that doesn’t cross over into the Hisil, is physically unable to, or forgets how; the spirit equivalent is “Hisilthimir hith”, and the non-werewolf equivalent is “Hisilthimir ul”: Hisilthimir dur
Shape Shifters who are not Uratha, lit. The Others That Change: nukasfalatha
shark: rogea
sharp edge, sharpness; to sharpen, to make sharp; wits, quick thinking: gizurra
Sheep (for ewes, lambs and castrated sheep) – See also udhughal: ulakhar
shell, stone, protective outer layer or covering; armour/armor: suhum
shellfish; many also apply to any ocean-bearing creatures with a shell: ket
shepherd, a herdsman: su’ba
Shi (Foo Dog) (lit. “the lord’s shielding/guardian lions”, as foo dogs are actually Chinese representations of the lion) : Nirag-Duksim’fa
Shield, to shield, defend, defence/defense; a protective plate or covering: duksium
Shine, brightness, glow; concentrated light, often said of intense light or sunlight — more universal than and directly related to the more lunar-oriented zalah: zalag
shirt, tunic: mazinum
shoe: esir
shoulder, upper arm, bicep: zagsgu
Sick, ill, rabid; insane, crazed, mad; amongst the Pure, it has more positive connotations like “enlightened”, “oracular”, "prophetic, and "martyr: gurim
Silver (former for positive reference, as in a sacred silver fetish; latter is for negative reference, the word for the term “moonbane”, and refers to things such as a monster hunter’s silver weaponry: iduthanna / iduthfil
Silver Scar; a scar that has been made by silver, usually used as term of great endearment, awe and respect, as the scar is often proof of a survived duel or an encounter with a particularly nasty wolf-hunter: idunukuth
Singular spiritual entity: hith
Sister: nin
size, height, weight: sagkkal
skin, leather, pelt, hide; to skin, to flay, to prepare a hide: gus
Skindancers from Werewolf the Awakening: Sahaluzuk
skirt, overskirt: pahmunusfur
Sky, heaven, atmosphere; the color/colour blue, the color/colour of the sky: ulke
slave, servant: arath
Slaver Trader: arath sadu (arath-sadu, arathsadu)
Sleepwalkers, magic-blooded: ustegarum
sleeve, trouser leg: khazagsi
smoke, to smoke: ifisar
snow, frost: skekh
snowshoe: skekhesir
society, culture, social group: madum
socks, leggings: ful pahzah
someone who’s extensively travelled the physical world: Gurihathakhdul
something that causes great fear, a.k.a. “shiver-making fear”; dread, foreboding: kuluhunirih
song, dance, oratory arts, oratory expression: elum
Souless Wolf; lit. Broken Soul damned by being eaten: rih-galer (Also rih-galer zi’ir)
Soul Glass: zi ansak, zi-ansak, or zinsak
south: kanagmehu
southeast: sadium-ina-kanagmehu
southwest: mardu-ina-kanagmehu
spark, flare; to spark, to flare up: la’u
spear or polearm: asde kasinfu
spear or polearm: aziha thuaghsu
speed, swiftness: lugas
Spine, backbone; the actual bone of the back: hursathra
spirit-eaten: zi’rih
spirit in a physical, flesh-like form, such as a lust spirit taking the form of a handsome bachelor; plural is “uzuhithim”: uzuhith
Spirits of the Wyld from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Hugindath
Spirits of the Wyrm, better known as “Banes”, from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Gurimath
Spirits to a totem or a group of shapeshifters or mages — though they may not be the group’s patrons, they have some sort of loyalty or ties to the group, and do things for them: athalim
spiritual, religious; enlightened, a werewolf with high (5+) Primal Urge; to have belief, to be spiritual: hithdu
Spirit without form or shape; the term is sometimes applied to spirits who are unable to form outside of the Shadow. Plural is “nusu-hithim”.: nusu-hith
sports, games, shows of strength, athletics: namrikhi
Spring: Skunim
Stadium, arena; literally means “ring of battle”, also referring to a place where ritual combat and duels are held: hafal gesbu
stake, spike: gathtagda
stamina, endurance, hardiness; to endure, to survive: dufath
Star: malan
stomach, gut, innards, belly: muduna
stone, rock: na
Storm, fury, rage; a term for the sun and found in the names of Helions, though I’ve constructed Helios’s proper name as "Uthanga-Sonag” (see Uthanga-Sonag): uth
street smarts, streetwise, street knowledge; “word on the street”: kiruzu
strength, power, force; to force, to power: anunnhia
Stumpy, “cut tree”; one who is short, or who has short/vestigial limb or is missing a limb; often used as a disparaging term: kuthesi
subterfuge, sleight-of-hand, misdirection; the methods of an Irraka: irrara
suddenness, unexpectedness; to appear or happen as if in a flash of lightning: ufufaske
suffix denoting something that belongs to a choir or a descant: im
Summer: Emesk
Sun, falling in the evening. See Shuruthim: Shuruth
Sun, rising in the morning. See Sethsuthim.: Sethsetuth
Sungold of oWod, or “Burning gold”, which does twice the damage gold does to shifters sensitive to it. Obtainable only by doing certain quests for the Sun, and may also be known as “gumuthfil” if used to do harm or cause negativity.: gumuthanna
Surrender, give up; literally means “run from battle”: sar e habalthu
swamp, marsh; a swampy or marshy area: fufulgarum
swarm; a horde; an undulating mass: sharingi
sweet, treat; chocolate, karab; something that is tempting and delicious but ultimately bad for you: suguludu
Sword, klaive: uhur
tall, high, rising above, vertical: taskarin
Talons, claws; may refer to an eagle or other bird of prey, and the claws of such: anzuth
tattoo, full body (lit. “ink-bodied”): namthumusu
tattoo (lit. “ink-flesh marking”): namthumuzif
Tears, to tear up; crying, sobbing: er
term, the right word for something: nihithuk
The Brineborn, werefish: Bith Balag
the centre/center, the core, the prime, the primary; the fundamental thing to which everything is based upon: akismunthi
the colour grey: nafara
the colour of silver: iduthfara
The Cursed Omen-Makers, Changelings: Fadu Aziha
The effect on one’s eyes when they use Two-World Eyes or gaze into the Shadow; the death equivalent is “Hissigim”: Hisiligim
the end, the ending; to cease, to cut off, to do no more, to end: zal
The gibbous moon and the corresponding auspice (derived from running “Galliard” backward through Grimm’s Law): Cahalith
The God Machine: Angii-Thilikh
The Hedge; literally means “The Great Thorn Bush Forest”: Kathir
The Herd of Worldly Wrath, Prometheans; singular is “Harazitha Lu’u”: Harazitha Githul
The Kami from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Amahadur
The lighter shades of purple, such as the purples of daybreak and sunset: babhakemeda
The Lords of Omen-Making, the True Fae, the Gentry: fadu nirluhath
The Lune choir of the gibbous moon: Cahalunim
The Lune choir of the half moon: Elolunim
The Northern Star: Vikartha
The oneness, the wholeness, the sum of all parts, the total: hugin
the paleness; the area of a locus’s influence (this one is actually canon): faram
The planetary and astrological Mercury: Midhanu
The planetary and astrological Pluto: Maroz
The planetary and astrological Venus: Damfihak
The Planet Saturn: Batlu
The Queen of Wrath, a Maeljin; word is not First Tongue, but incorporated: Asmodai
The Rainbow Serpent, patron of the Bunyip: Ulke-Nirhamma Usum
The relatives of other, non-werewolf shapeshifters, who (depending on species) may carry the genetic potential to pass on their relatives’ changing abilities. May also be known as “halagarum”.: halan
Therianthrope, shapeshifter; a term applied to therianthropes and otherkin, and therianthropes as described in Changing Breeds: hidilukal
The Rocky Mountains; the name literally means “Spine of the Turtle”, referring to an ancient name in First Tongue and Native American/Aboriginal languages for North America, Turtle Island: Hursathra Nifuna
The Stellar Choir (I think that’s the English term), the Lunes dedicated to the rare stellar eclipse of the moon.: Nammlunim
The tribe of the Black Furies from Werewolf the Apocalypse, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide: Hikaon Ursufgatha-Uth
The tribe of the Black Spiral Dancers, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide: Hikasah Udizi’ir
The tribe of the Bunyip from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Faranamthuf Ursua
The tribe of the Children of Gaia from Werewolf the Apocalypse, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide: Harurdum
The tribe of the Croatoan from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Kadum Nifuna
The tribe of the Get of Fenris from Werewolf the Apocalypse, presented as a lodge in Werewolf the Apocalypse: Fenrisuth Urdur
The tribe of the Red Talons, presented as a lodge in Werewolf the Apocalypse: Kuskanzuth
The tribe of the Shadow Lords from Werewolf the Apocalypse, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide: Hissu-Nir
The tribe of the Silent Striders, presented as a lodge in Werewolf the Apocalypse: Khirisu Mekhar
The tribe of the Silver Fangs, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide: Iduthanna Kuk
The tribe of the Stargazers, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide: Malan Udi
The tribe of the Wendigo from Werewolf the Apocalypse, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide: Uth Skekhul
The tribe of the White Howlers from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Babhar Skirag
The Weaver from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Due’esk-Maguralath
the wonders of a Genius, from the Genius the Transgression fan splat: gur lu’u-du/gur lu’u thim
The Wyld from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Hugindu’ilth-Maguralath
The Wyrm from Werewolf the Apocalypse: Gurimirska-Maguralath
They (possessive form, “theirs”, is “shanukag”): shanuku
thigh, upper leg: hal
thin, filmy, weak: sal
thing, something; that which is nameless or which the term for which is unknown: numu
Thinning, weakening, lessening; a term often used to describe a waning moon: sighu
This now is certain. Compound of Kal (Shall be), Ki’in (certainty) and Ase (now): kalki’inase
thorn bush or thorny brush: at
thoughts, ideas: thimma
thread, a string: nihunua
throat, neck; sensitive area, weak point; to submit, to be beaten, to lose, to give in: keli
thumb, dewclaw: barumfin
Thunder, thunderclaps: imin bhalakh
tiger: ghagan
Time: ah
To, from: anna
Torn, ripped, broken: bur
Town, hamlet, village; something too small to be a city but still a human settlement: githagarum
tranquility, extreme peacefulness: kaneha
Tree: esi
trial; a test: athi kuth
trickster, jester, fool: na’iska
truth, fact; righteousness; to be right, to tell the truth: nihhina
Turtle, tortoise: nifuna
Twin, dual, double; sameness or a copy: min
Uktena tribe from Werewolf the Apocalypse, presented as a lodge in the Werewolf Translation Guide: Suausumayalu Umma
Unbreakable, everlasting, timeless: nusir
underarm, tricep: sakku
undergarments: khaz ful
Unicorn; when capitalized, it refers to Unicorn, patron of the Children of Gaia: babhusisu
Untamed, Wild, in the Wilderness.: i’ilth
Untamed Sea. A sea that hasn’t been explored, is wild, feral.: i’ilth makaf, i’ilth-makaf & i’ilthakaf
Upper, crowning, enlightened; of heaven or a heavenly state: an
Uranus, the planet and astrological sign: Suadma
Used to imply subjectivity, as in “maybe, maybe not”: kal nu kal
Valhalla (lit. “hall of the battle-chosen”): Hafaferunu
Valkyrie Gunnr, First tongue name for them.: Hafanidu
Valkyrja Mot members; the name literally means “choosers of the slain”: Summis-urdu
Vanguard: inim sirikha
venomous lizards, or lizards with heavy bacteria counts in their mouth, like the komodo dragon — may also be known as “mirska”, though that name refers more to poisonous snakes: undegi
Verge, place where the Shadow is non-existent: hisgan
vest, overshirt: mazinum nuzagsi
vibrancy, radiance: she’er
Villainous, foul, dishonourable or of low morality.: zi’ira
Violet, purple: kemeda
vulture : numma
waistline, reproductive organs: murruf
war axe/ax battleaxe/battleax, great axe/ax: rahu lafriz
War-broken, this refers to werewolves suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD, shell shock and battle fatigue: hudzi’ira
ward, a charge; a person or persons under protection: kurah
warm, heat, heated; to heat up, to warm: sagan
Warm and wet-smelling, like fresh blood or meat: kaggath
warmlings: saganuthim
watchful, on guard, distrustful; to distrust, to be suspicious: ennukhu
water, wet; aquatic: illu
water lily (lit. “seat on the water”) : illu’ru
Waxing, growing, strengthening; a term often used to describe a waxing moon: niha
way, path, method; way of doing things: inti
We (possessive form, “ours”, is “shakag”): shaku
Weakness, pathetic state, lack of strength, childishnes: kenser
weapon, armament: kusgidu
Weaver-spirits, like those found in Werewolf the Apocalypse: Due’eskath
web, net : sikedu
week, seven days; one fourth of a month: iminuth
Wendigo spirit, of the lodge of Wendigo and the Wendigo of Werewolf the Apocalypse; name literally means "Eater of Many Heart: Rih-Sarsakh
Werecreatures who are animals that shapeshift into human form, such as the Urhanu/Lupus breed of werewolf from Werewolf the Apocalypse: hidufala
werewolf who is sickly; a disease or biological agent that affects werewolves; a werewolf who has suffered at the hands of a human; a werewolf who has low Harmony (but not yet a zi’ir); a very insulting term for a city werewolf: urrah
west: mardu
whale, cetacean: kun
what: saminu
which: ayu
whisper or the act of whispering (lit. “breezy-voice”): dumuskir
White: babhar
whom, who, whoever: mannu
why: ameni
Wife, female mate: Munihnir
wild, aggressive, feral: una
wilderness, wild, feral; untouched, untamed; natural, nature; reclaimed by nature: i’ilth
Will-o’-the-wisp (lit. “confusing light”): zuk-fur
wind, breeze; air; oxygen: dumu
Winter: Enden
Wisdom, to be wise; the Renown of Wisdom: namzu
Wolf: ur
Wolf-blooded child; sometimes applied to the children of wolf-bloods, Uratha or not: urdurgarum
Wolf lands — section of land owned or populated entirely by werewolves and/or their kin; a pack territory of considerable size, such as an entire town: urmatha
Wolf pack: urdum
wolfsbane; ward or protection specifically against wolves and/or werewolves: urfil
Wolves that walk the Shadow’s way — a wolf of Primal Urge 5+ or greater that increasingly must stay near loci or in the Shadow to even exist. Those that have left for the Shadow entirely are called “Uzakal Urhisilinti”.: Urhisilinti
woman, adult woman: nidu
wood, logs: gu’ur
word, a saying, a phrase (compare “namthuf”, which refers more to the written word, rather than the spoken): in’im
Word; part of speech: dufuk
Work, a place of business, job; obligation, role; to work, one’s work, to be employed: nikkmekkar
World, realm: har
world-walker, world-walking one; nomad, worldly traveller- see also Gurihathakhdul: harthakhdul
worry (lit. “problem-fear”): thala-nirih
Worse than crap, equivalent to the s-word: kasked
worth, value: nihsam
writing, markings, inscriptions: namthuf
wrong, twisted, a mockery or unsettling false image; the Uncanny Valley effect: yeh’ren
year; twelve lunar cycles; calendar: u-iduth
Yellow: sik
yo put or place; to put something somewhere, to rearrange or move around.: susisa
You; literally means “not me”: nuku
young tree, a sapling: esi thuful
Your territory, your lands, lands that belong to you: kumatha
To “be with child”; to be pregnant, to be knocked up: Kalitti dur
To “give child”; give birth, have a baby, produce offspring, etc.: Sagrik dur
to “whip sick”, i.e. to scourge, scourge the land, be a scourge: usangurim
To abandon, to leave behind; to forget, to toss aside: daka
To accept, to take: sudekh
to agree, to have an agreement; to obey, to listen to: seh
To anoint, to bless; to pray; a blessing, a prayer, a sacred hymn: bes
to answer, to call back to, to respond: inimki
to argue, to explain, to make clear: nathek
to ask, to question: endar
to attain victory, to win, to triumph; triumph, victory: uma
To barren, interfile; to be hungry, starved; wastes, wasted: Sahsuha
To be, shall be, will be, shall, may be: kal
to be afraid, to sense danger, to raise the hackles, to have goosebumps: nitek
to be aloof, to be distant; to not be social or like the company of others: asilal
to be aloof, to be distant; to not be social or like the company of others: azitha
to be bad, to be rotten, to be terrible; to stink terribly, to be unappealing; the worst, undesirable: haf
to be clean, to be bright, to be shiny, to be untainted: zalah
to become, to grow into, to change.: fala
to be complete, to be finished, to be done: dil
to be cursed or hated by the Moon, i.e. have a low tolerance or allergy for silver; often said of the Pure: iduthmazihag
to be empathetic, to pick up one’s emotions, to be emotional; empathy, recognition of feelings, compassion: zigim
to be friendly, to make friend; to socialize, to be the centre/center of attention, to draw in people: igathusa
to be fruitful; to be fertile: ulum
to begin, a beginning; to start anew, to start fresh: duaf
To be helpless, to be paralyzed with fear, to be weakened; to create, to make, to take shape: thim
to be important, to be urgent, to be a necessity, to be a must; important, urgent, necessary: ith
to be interested, to have an interest; interests, hobbies, pasttimes: ene hiri’us
To be silent, to be quiet, to have no sound: mekhar
to be single, mateless; a single person is simply called “nuthamnam” : namnuthamnam
to be whole, unbroken, full, complete: hugunbath
to borrow, to loan; to take care of something temporarily: sakesed
to break, to shatter, to make pieces out of: kith
to bring, to carry over, to carry: kak
to burn, to light, to fire up; fire, flame: izi
to buy, to pay for, to purchase; to sell, to make a profit: sa
to call, to harry, to shout: kurah
to cease, to idle, to halt, to stop: halithak
to choose, to pick specifically, to take as part of privilege : feru
to close, to shut out, to block off: za
to come, to come towards; to be called for, to be summoned: kana
to command, to instruct, to teach; commands, instructions: a’ak
to confuse, to throw off; confused, addled, disoriented; muddled, blurred, camouflaged; camouflage, blur: zuk
to conserve, to detain, to restrain, to hold back; held back, conservative, tempered: heshe
to cover, to conceal: khaz
To create, build or make: du
to crush, to split, to grind; to kill slowly: dar
To cut, to slice, to cleave, to amputate: kuth
To cut, to slice, to split; to loosen, to unhinge, to untie; to crush, to grind; to kill, to slowly destroy: dar
to dance, to jump, to perform; a dancer: guud
to decide, to choose, to make a decision, to have a choice: eloth
To discover, to come to, to find: fath
To do, to perform; to act as; to cause; may also act as a definitive article possessive (compare "the dog’s, to “a dog’s”): ag
toe, digit: si’u
To eat, to devour, to consume, to munch, to drink: rih
to face, to look directly at; face, appearance, outer looks: ikhi
to fall, to collapse, to disintegrate: thirik
to fear, to worry; worry, fears, anxiety: nirih
to fill, to load, to load up: si
to find, to discover; to follow by scent, to track; to come across: hiri’us
to flirt, to charm, to seduce, to woo: igazalah
to fly, to take flight, to soar: farask
to follow, to pursue; to chase, to hunt: imkikik
To forge something, or to fire something in a kiln: bhar
to forget, to push away mentally, to cloud one’s thoughts: zela thimma
to found, to start up : badu
To gaze; to witness; to view: igim
To gaze upon, to admire, to worship; to have awe, to be awestruck: udi
to go out of, to leave, to go from; to go into, to move into, to be in: ina
to grow, to develop; growth, development; to sprout, a sprout: thuful
To Grow Up (Female): nidufala
To grow up (Male): munifala
To hand over, to pass over, to pass along: nihal
to happen, to occur: askah
to hate, to be angry at, to detest, to despise; hatred, rage, detesting: gulukik
to have, to possess, to carry: duhu
to have substance, meaning; purpose, a reason; edible foods: kufulum
to hear, to pick up on, to overhear, to eavesdrop; to track by ear, to listen: kakizal
to hire, to bring on, to recruit: akaru
to hold firmly; to wield; to have at the ready: hasthaf
to intimidate, to snap ones jaws, to inspire fear; intimidation, fear-mongering: uthkuk
to keep, to keep ahold of; to seize: nudaka
to lament, to wail, to angst: askeer
to learn, to take a lesson from, to take knowledge from: thekh zu
to level, to devastate; to erase, to destroy; to even out, to smooth out: kusku
to lick, to lap; to kiss: suuf
to like, to enjoy, to have pleasure with: ene
to look like, to appear like to, to seem: kalnukal igag
to lose, to forget, to misplace; to disappear, to vanish: uzakal
to love, to have love for; love, passion, admiration: kiliteg
To make or colour red: kusk
to meet, to have a meeting; to discuss something: kin
to melt, to become a liquid; to lose composure, to break down emotionally (lit. “water-manifest”): irillu
to move, to travel; to place elsewhere: thun
to navigate, to find the way; a pathfinder, a compass; to search, to seek: kigiriuz
tongue; to lick, to taste: eme
To offer, to give: sagrik
tool, an item to do work with: thusu
to pass by, to to go through, to cross over; to allow, to permit: thif
to play, to have fun, to play a game: ene kuk
To put out, extinguish, snuff out.: pelu
To reap, to rend asunder: kur
to remember, to recall, to recount: sakthaf lifir
to repeat, to do again; to fix, to repair, to edit: suhiak
to ride, riding; to drive, to pilot: mu
to rise up, to come up high. Literally Climbing upwards or to rise in Social Status.: shaghu
To roam, wander: thakh
To rumble : mumarum
To run, to flee, to take flight; canonically, its first definition means "each, or “every”: sar
To scream, to screech, to shriek, to wail; such a sound described: askska
To see, to have sight: igag
to seed, to plant; to suggest, to question: nummun
to sell something: samu
to send, to deliver, to fetch; to send away, to lead away: su’us
to set in place, to set down, to put in place; to imbue; to lean on, to depend on, to impose upon: ri
to share, to divide, to allot: giazu
to show, to display; to supervise, to check, to keep an eye on; to weigh, to balance: la
To sit, to have a seat, to sit on one’s haunches: dush
to sparkle, to shine, to glimmer; to twitter, mutter, tweet: zagga
to speak, to talk, to converse, to say, to order: thuk
to stand, to stand up; to take a stand: huf
To steal; stealer, thief: izu
To step; to move: gi’endhu
to strike, to beat; a beat, strike: tuf
to study, to examine, to look over: ikhar
To take, to grab, to collect, to seize: thekh
to take, to receive, to be given something: thekh sagrik
to talk, to chatter incessantly: dirak
To think, to consider: sakthaf
to thrive, to live, to survive: kumer
to touch, to feel, to hold: dakh
To transform, to become, to turn. may refer to growing up, gender neutrally.: sufala
To trap, to capture, to imprison; caught, held, trapped: hespar
to tremble, to shake, to shiver as if fearful: kuluhuu
to trust, to believe, to accept as truth: dam
to try, to attempt: thif kalnukal
to turn, to move in a different direction; to change pace, to change routes: difala
to understand, to acknowledge; literally means “learn and know”: zu thekh zu
to use, to equip: asuthu
To violate, to destroy, to make no longer sacred; literally means “corrupt-weaken”: viruhthim
to wait, to have/be patience/patient; to consider, to weigh one’s options; a wait, patience: irah
To wait: hiri huf
to watch, to observe: eh
to weave, to knit, to sow; to form a web: kath
tower, keep: thimtu
to whip, to lash, to strike quickly like a whip: usan
to will, to determine; will, willpower; fate: namm

First Tongue

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