“Neighbourhood Angst…”

A thorny, living, conscious barrier that literally rips & shreds a Soul, Spirit or indeed, any entity really into pieces.

Thought to be an intelligent or semi-intelligent, conscious entity that acts as a gateway or is somehow attracted to the gateway between the Fallen World of Earth and the Faerie lands of Faerie or the non-supernal Arcadia.

Access to the Hedgeis usually done by using a Key either consciously or inadvertently. Keys are often handed down through a family or even a village or town or secrets uncovered somehow via a book, spell etc. Some sample keys might include the following:

  • Speaking the name of one of the Fae while standing at the edge of a cliff, the mortal turns around and sees the entrance to the Hedge.
  • Jumping over an open grave while holding his
    breath, the mortal lands in the Hedge.
  • Standing so that her shadow stretches out in front of her, the mortal falls forward while keeping her eyes wide open. She falls into her own shadow and falls out, still standing up, in the Hedge.
  • A mortal crawls through the window of the first
    room in which he slept as a baby (difficult now that most people are born in hospitals), and then crawls out again into the Hedge.


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