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A Nimbus is a mage’s palpable aura of Supernal power that surrounds his soul, reflecting his prowess as a mage as well as his style and personal development.

A Nimbus is the reflection of the magic a mage practices. While it is usually not perceptible, another mage can see the Nimbus of another mage via Mage Sight, and other supernaturals have their own ways to detect them. When a mage casts a Spell, the Nimbus flares along with it, becoming more pronounced to those with supernatural senses. Every act of magic a mage performs contains traces of his Nimbus, like a supernatural fingerprint. The more powerful and complex the feat of magic was, the longer a trace of the Nimbus will remain. Practice of Antinomian Magic can permanently warp a Nimbus.
Mages divide Nimbi into three categories:

A Long-Term Nimbus, a series of seemingly random coincidences that begin to surround the mage. They are usually derived from the Path of a mage, a Thyrsus will cause Spirits to become more observant of the Flesh, while the presence of an Obrimos might cause strange weather changes. The Long-Term Nimbus grows in potency along with a mage’s Gnosis and is contained by his Wisdom.

The Immediate Nimbus is the aura of supernaturality that the mage resonates. This Nimbus is often shaped by Path, Legacy, Arcana Attainments, preferred Practices and even the mages own Shadow Name. When this Nimbus flares up, the mage can temporaliy warp the Fallen reality by the force of his presence.
The Signature Nimbus is the trace of a mage’s magic, looking the part of a residue from or remainder of the Immediate Nimbus.

Possible Nimbi

  • Air is smokey, thick with obnoxious or sweet smells, fog or mist.
  • Yellow gas or dense & heavy feeling in air.
  • Rainclouds, Storm or Dark Clouds over head.
  • Feeling of Inevitability, hunger & starvation, fear, shock, ice cold chilled,
  • Feeling of Fear, Suspense or Trepidation.
  • Feeling of Nausea, Weakness, over balance, vertigo, falling, flying, etc.
  • Flickers & Flashes in Electrical Systems (nothing damaging).
  • Leaving behind pieces of glass, paper or metal.
  • Leave behind flowers & petals
  • Leave behind dead vegetation
  • Vegetation around you withers & dies, leaves fall off trees etc.
  • Growing sounds of applause, laughter, sobbing or screaming.
  • Sounds of dramatic organ music.
  • Sounds of movie themes with Mage as hero, fitting to the scene.
  • Sounds of cosmic spheres, angelic choices or uplifting music.
  • Shadows lengthen and surround Mage.
  • Darkness intrudes or flits access the Mage.
  • Light or moonlight shines on Mage like a Spotlight.
  • Trickling water, ice or freezing see on Mages’ skin.
  • Blood drips behind them or they leave bloody hand & footprints everywhere.


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