“As above, so below. – Excerpt from the Rules of Magic”

These are pre-existing spells, tried and test by Mages in the past. There is a real Rote economy between Mages of different Orders, Legacies or independents as Rotes are quite rare and highly sought after.

They consist of complex mid of formula, ingredients and arcane symbols and series of complex mind imago. Tomes and other Magic Books of Spells often contain Rotes to transcribe, practice and experiment with.

They are a lot safer to cast and since the Storm of the end of the last century, really the best way to cast spells. Riffs are too temperamental and dangerous while Rituals often take to long and require to many people involved. Rotes read from a scroll or properly memorised is the only real way to go.

Rotes are the only type of Spell Casting that can be preprepared i.e. They are gone over in a meditative state and stored in the mind so that almost all but not quite all is ready to cast. A simple triggering of the spell with word and ingredient is needed to cast the spell. It is quicker to cast but only a limited number can be stored and readied like this. This relies on mental Attributes and is usually about 6-12?


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