“The worst Monsters are those that are still almost Human…”

Subtle Arcana of Death, Fate, Mind, Prime, and Spirit are those that deal with the more ephemeral matters of existence, while Gross Arcana of Forces, Life, Matter, Space, and Time are those relating to the physical aspects of the world. Spells are the manipulation & casting of Magical energies into a desired effect. Spell Practices are noted down as :-

Initiate : •

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of phenomena. (Practice of Knowing)
  • Elementary manipulation of phenomena, enough to activate and/or impart direction. (Practice of Compelling)
  • Gain sensory perception of phenomena (Practice of Unveiling)

Apprentice : ••

  • Exert elementary command and control over phenomena (Practice of Ruling)
  • Conceal, camouflage or hide phenomena from scrutiny (Practice of Veiling)
  • Protect a target against attacks by providing points of Armor. (Practice of Shielding)

Disciple : •••

  • Alter the capabilities or functions of phenomena (Practice of Weaving)
  • Injure a target (Practice of Fraying)
  • Fortify, bolster or improve phenomena (Practice of Perfecting)

Adept : ••••

  • Transform phenomena into a related phenomena or shapes, or replace capabilities or functions with different ones. (Practice of Patterning)
  • Significantly injure a target (Practice of Unraveling)

Master : •••••

  • Create Phenomena (Practice of Making)
  • Destroy or mutilate a target (Practice of Unmaking)

GrandMaster : • •••••

ArchMaster : ••• •••••

Spell details are :-
Casting Time: How long it take to cast the spell. (I)nstant or number of Rounds.
Duration: How long the spell lasts. This is often dependant on number of Successes or Intellect.
Range: How far away can the spell be cast from the caster. Often it is (T)ouch or the number of Successes or a Mental Attribute.

Urban Shroud
“Conceals Target from any surveillance or perception..”
Life (1) Matter (1)
Type of Magic or Group.
Components: V/S/W/M – Ingredients & Preparation. *DP C/D/R/ * I/1/T Practice/Aspect: Concealing
Spell Effects: Detail the intention of the Spell and effect.. Something here: Notes? Aspect: Whats here.
Paradox Effects: H/ B/ A – Detail effects here. Source Ref: MtA p134 Listed in: Tuscan Rituals


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