“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” / “Unfortunately, so do the monsters.” ― Anon. to Leonard Cohen

  • On the Waves of the Ether, Thoughts and Feelings of Beings affect the 7 Levels of the Twilight.
  • Most commonly, it’s the “between-times” or hour of twilight at dawn and dusk where Legend tell us the boundaries between this world and the next is at it’s weakest. Tales of Faeries and Ghosts appearing at this time us the most common. Be aware, there is a Project Twilight that seems to be somehow related to or somewhat a part of the Taskforce Valkyrie … Other similar or related references include Project Black Mercury

It’s now considered to be the most magical of moments as it is indeed here/then that those boundaries between this world and others is weakest. This Wall that separates us is known by many names including Veil, ??? and the Gauntlet.

  • Is the vibration or Resonance frequency influenced by the “Cosmic Song” or “The Word” or something silimar that seems to direct Fate or Destiny of Humanity?
  • Twilight or “Gloom” is the common name given for those levels of immaterial existence where more potential exists and less manifest Reality has taken on it’s final form or shape. This is also linked to Shadow and our own Fallen World though the Gauntlet keeps the Shadow desperate from us.
  • Remember, Twilight is not a place but a Perspective.. it is a matter of perception and as we sink deeper into the “Gloom” of Twilight, our perceptions and reflexes heighten and our reactions speed up considerably. We might seem to move quicker or notice everything around us but nothing changes to an outside observer. They are not within the Gloom.
  • Twilight probably formed by the many billions of life energies on the planet, the Soulfire energies plus the Thoughts and Feelings. They Mental, living Energies create Vibrations called the Morphic Resonance that vibrates differently depending on many factors..
  • It might be considered close to the upper echelons of the Astral Reaches with less Light.. You could envision it as :-
  • Top-most Umbra having most Light.. Being closest to “God” or highest to “Heaven”…
  • Levels of the Shadow Realms having less Light, each getting darker or more “Dust clogged” has we get down or further from the Light.
  • Lower levels have lot less Light.. Here seems we find our own world of Reality or Prime Material Plane as many have labelled it.. Less Light, more Darkness and Dust.
  • Lowest levels are those without Light at all.. Many argue these are the Hellish or Chaos dimensions where there is no hope of potential at all.. Stale and Stagnant Dust is everywhere.


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